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    What do you think about a Advance replacement option to upgrade the Alien to WiFi 6E? Let say a hold on my card then you would send out a Alien (new or used\refurbished, does not matter) with the WiFi 5 card swapped for a WiFi 6E (Upgraded from Amplifi). Then lets just say a $100+ upgrade free for the WiFi 6E card and service.

    This is just a suggestion. Please consider a path to upgrade the WiFi 5 to 6E for current Alien customers. Thanks.

    I included Derek because he lives on this forum too, lol.

  • @Timothy-Farley good suggestion.

  • I included Derek because he lives on this forum too, lol.

    Hi @Timothy-Farley -...and it looks like I will be trapped abroad in COVID penitentiary for quite a while, so really no place else to go!

    I love the suggestion, but I personally think a retrofit would be too much for AmpliFi to handle from logistics, validation and certification perspectives

    A trade-in program would be an option, but more likely they would just give current Alien users a Discount Code = no real work required on their part for a minimal margin hit

    AmpliFi is all about the antenna, especially on the Alien, as it allows them to implement their industrial design intent

    Can they really do a single stamping (or CNC) antenna, 12 polarity, dual 4x4 aggregated 5.2 & 5.8 GHz, 4x4 2.4 GHz and 4x4 6 GHz at 160 MHz channel widths???

    It would be cool to see them try

    I personally think they barely pulled off the Alien as it is with 80 MHz channel widths, and they had to segregate the 5.2 & 5.8 GHz radios for technical antenna reasons, but that is just my guess

    They already did one HW revision, which could be antenna related (other markets?) or some other minor change (power or cooling?)

    For a 6E Alien, I would bet they end up with either dual antenna stampings, or make some trade-offs with a hybrid PCB antenna + stamped antenna setup in a modified housing, but that is also just wild speculation on my part...

  • @Derek-Saville I would guess the main PCB is fine. Just swap out the Wifi 5 and antenna. They can do it later. If they send out a refurbished unit with that upgrades. Then when they get mine for example, they can have someone upgrade mine and give it out as refurbished. Let's say $30 for parts and $ 70 for labor. That a win win. They make money and happy customer.

    I am just saying since the hardware looks to be made to do it, offer the seru. I would spend up to $150.

  • @Timothy-Farley said in Wifi 6E Suggestion:

    @UI-JT What about you? Since you work for Ubiquiti. Does it sound like something your company would consider? I am not going to hold you too it. Just what are your thoughts. Thank you Sir.

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