Exceptions for Parental Controls.

  • What I am wondering is could you all include an update of what I call exceptions (as they would be exceptions to the Quiet Time rules) for the scheduling system on the app.

    Use Case:
    My kids do not have internet access until they complete the chores for the day. The time they complete the chores for the day differ each day. I have all their devices tied to their profile with schedules applied. They come to tell me once their chores are done. After I double check that they did in deed complete their chores I go to the schedule screen and remove the check-mark from quiet time. The problem is I do not always remember to turn quiet time back on. So occasionally I realize my son is playing yelling at Xbox players before his chores are complete.

    Possible solution:
    One the User Profile Page of the app where it displays Schedule, Devices, Quiet time Etc, include a button labeled Exception. When the exception button is pressed a new screen displays that asks how long you would like the exception to turn on the internet for the profile (as a by-pass of the Quiet Time Rules). The Exception screen would look similar to the screen used to set up quiet times. As a bonus, one could add a text box (allowing for up to 140 characters) where we can write why the exception is made (for our significant other to review {more on this later}). Once the Exception time frame is complete the Quiet rules would resume.

    Secondly, if you create the exception there would need to be a way to remove the exception prematurely. The way I would envision a way to do that would be first to display any exceptions on the Profile Schedule screen (preferably above any schedule but below the profile name). Personally, I would think you would want to include a new section under the Profile section but before the quiet time section called Exceptions. In that area it would display any active exceptions. Once a person clicks on an active exception they can change the affected times of the exception or remove the exception. If an exception is removed it will no longer supersede the functionality of the Quiet Times. Furthermore, the exception will no longer display under the exceptions section on the Profile screen.

    Other info:
    While I cannot think of a reason why someone would have multiple exceptions, I would assume some users may. Furthermore, I would assume that multiple exceptions could have overlapping time. I would also assume that if multiple exceptions (including overlapping exceptions) exist that the functionality would remain the same in that it would only bypass the rules defined in Quiet Time.

    While I speak of the times, one should also include the option for an exception to last multiple days of a week (think spring break exception).

    Bonuses (Nice to have, but wouldn't kill me if it was not there):
    When initially opening the screen to create the exception set the default start time to Now.

    When Initially opening the screen to create the exception set the default end time to 10:00 pm

    When Initially opening the screen to create the exception set the default day to the same day.

    Under the Exceptions area display View Previous Exceptions as a link to review previous exceptions. Once in that screen display a summary of the last 60 days of exceptions that were complete or removed. The list of exceptions should allow you to sort by ascending or descending for each date. Display summary data to display Date, Start, End, and First 25 characters of the notes. Then allow the option to click into the previous exception. Once in the previous exception it should allow the user to read the full note. Furthermore, it would be nice to have a button to reactivate an exception.

    If you incorporate the ability to whitelist/black list specific websites by profile/user/device or whatever, please consider allowing exceptions to drive the functionality as well. I anticipate as my kids are doing virtual school (due to Covid) I would like to lock them down to the school specific websites until their work for the day is complete. Then once complete I would allow the kids to view the rest of the web. Although, most parents do not allow the kids full internet access....

    Closing notes... If you want me to think through it and write something up on the user interface for white/black listing websites please let me know. Because right now, I am thinking of implementing the dream machine between my modem and router. That way as a parent I can better white/black list websites, allow easier access for my wife to use parental controls (meaning I wont have to stop what I am doing to kill off internet access to whichever kid is not behaving), and the dream machine does not do WiFi 6 yet. I have not implemented the dream machine because I am afraid that I may loose some visibility (of what is happening) after it leaves the dream machine and goes into my AMPLIFI router. Although, I haven't confirmed one way or another with support.

    Hey if you read this far thanks! I hope you have a great day!!

  • @Rod-Adkisson Thank you for sharing such a detailed explanation of this feature you are looking for and some amazing use cases. Family profile changes have been requested before, so I will add this post to the list of ideas for future consideration.

  • @UI-AmpliFi thank you!

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