Ethernet Backbone Slower than Wireless Mesh

  • I just got my second router used as a mesh and in my tests, connecting as internet backbone, is actually slower than then the Mesh setup. I inspired a friend to do the same thing and he has confirmed the issue as well.

    I connected through internet backbone and was expecting me to be able to be outside and get good signal with two routers in a 2600 sq/ft home, but when connecting through internet backbone, I found that the speeds and the distance was slower.

    I just disconnected the internet backbone and my distance and wireless speeds are drastically increased.

  • @hartwellj said in Ethernet Backbone Slower than Wireless Mesh:

    I just disconnected the internet backbone and my distance and wireless speeds are drastically increased.

    I'm new to Mesh, the Alien, and WiFi 6, but I'm guessing that when you say "internet backbone" you actually mean "Ethernet backhaul." Is that correct?

    (Just trying to learn)
    Jim Robertson

  • Can you give some numbers for each? "Drastically increased" doesn't really quantitate the difference. Please include your internet max speed up/down and similar numbers for ethernet backhaul vs wireless mesh. Did you try a different ethernet cable? Did you confirm that mesh to mesh speed test was good (ie 1mbps) with ethernet backhaul?

  • @hartwellj it's possible the cable is bad, please try a new cable to verify.

  • @hartwellj I just purchased my second Alien and I am having the same issue with the wireless being much faster than the ethernet backbone. The ethernet cable I am using was used with my previous Apple Airport and Express setup without any issues. I am very confused as to why it is faster with the wireless connection. If you find a fix please let me know.

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    My cables are not bad. They are brand new Cat 6 cables. I will try to do an unscientific example to show.

  • @hartwellj Fittings, or other components can be the culprit even in new cables. Make sure the cable is working by plugging it in to a laptop on one end and leaving it plugged in to the AmpliFi router at the other end. You should be able to see similar speed test results that you see at the router.

  • @VW_Steve you could still have a cable issue. Given the fact that the Apple Airport Express is an 802.11n (Wifi 4) device your wifi speeds would peak around 300Mbps where as the the Alien is 802.11ax (Wifi 6) peaks at 4.8Gbps on 5Ghz or 1.7Mbps on 802.11ac (Wifi 5).

    I would expect it is either a cable issue or a port issue on either of the Alien Routers. If swapping cables does not solve the problem, try reversing the swapping the output port on the primary or switching the Aliens around. This will determine if the problem is in the WAN port on the Alien as the Wired RAMP Mesh or in one of the 4 ports on the Primary Alien Router.

    process of elimination

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