Can I connect to any WiFi device from outside the country by using AmpliFi Teleport Router-to-Router

  • Hi,
    I am Akash Manujaya from Sri Lanka. I am really interested in this product and I have some clarifications with this product.

    Basically what we need is we have a DJI RoboMaster RC Car(which is controller over Wi-Fi and mobile phone and RoboMaster both are should be in same Wi-Fi) and we want to control it from USA (RoboMaster will be in Sri Lanka). So can we do this by using AmpliFi Teleport Router-to-Router? If yes Please specify how we go through. We can have one device for Sri Lanka and One device for the USA.

    If not, Please mention that can we do this or nor by using another technology.

    Thank You

  • @Akash-Manujaya This may be possible, if the RC device only needs the controller on the same LAN network then the teleport function can do this. You will need one in both areas of use.

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