Amplifi HD power supply availability in Europe?

  • Hi!
    Just today my Amplifi HD base station power supply died. I've tried the station with another power supply and the screen turned on with power supply error. I've tried the original one in every other socket too just to be sure that it is the power supply but it is dead. Now I'd like to get one with EU or UK plug but they are not available. Any idea where I could get them? I cannot RMA as my warranty ended ~2 weeks ago and shop where I bought it said they can't help 😕
    Is there any 3rd party I could get on Amazon?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I'm in the U.S and am in the same boat. My satellite Amplifi HD (connected via an Ethernet backbone, long story) has been dead since it's power adapter died months ago. I emailed support and they told me to set up an alert using the product page on their store:

    Months later there has not been a restock.

    My Amplifi HD has been the smoothest networking experience I have had to date. But the use of both a proprietary power adapter and the company's inability to keep any stock of them is souring me quite a bit to this company when it comes time to upgrade.

    Good luck.

  • @mars83 Please contact the RMA department at . If you are only ~2 weeks outside of warranty i'm certain we can still help you get a replacement power supply.

  • @Peter-Gray It's a PITA that it looks that you can use 3rd party charger. USB-C is not that uncommon these days... And I agree that Amplifi is great. I've got it for my parents while my homelab is rocked by UniFi 😉

    @UI-AmpliFi Thank you! Will do that then 🙂

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