AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.2

  • @UI-AmpliFi Also did a reboot last night (Because I changed a setting in my Wifi), the web interface came back, but only showing up to the DCHP dotted line, then the rest of the page was empty. I rebooted once more, all was back.

  • @UI-AmpliFi if we haven't applied 3.4.1 yet, will we need to apply it first or will 3.4.2 show up as the update option?

  • @cstallings Using the app or the LCD screen on the router to trigger the update will take care of everything for you, regardless of which firmware version you are coming from.

    In your situation, if you are not on 3.4.1, when the update for 3.4.2 becomes available on your system, 3.4.2 will be displayed as the update option.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks for the info. That is what I thought, but just wanted to make sure.

  • And again..

    Waking up in the morning and guess what, nothing works anymore...

    Don‘t know what causes the problem..
    Maybe a faulty meshpoint (read something in another thread) or whatever.
    But I don‘t have the time to investigate.

    I guess it‘s time to move on.
    Any suggestions? Got an eero system and it was crap. Much lower throughput.

  • Made the update yesterday. Network of my amplify HD seems is less performant than the older version. What the hell is this happening ...

  • Updated from rc2 beta to the final version of 3.4.2 and have been hammering on the system for a few days to expose potential issues. No problems so far, both the main router and the two mesh points seem rock solid. We have 10+ Apple devices in the household (various iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and iPod touch models) along with several games consoles, PCs, printers, a Synology NAS, security cameras, smart TVs and an NVIDIA Shield. Everything working smoothly so far. Thank you for this firmware update.

  • Does anyone know how i could come back to the previous version ? Thanks.

  • Hi @Eren-Kotan-0,

    I can confirm your experience. I have a similar setup, mostly Apple devices. It’s work’s really good now.

    Earlier it has been a lot of problems with those devices but Windows devices has always been ok.

    I now have around 190 mbps/80mbps on my iPhone 7 Plus when I test with Speedtest on 5Ghz network.

    My fiber connection is 250/100.

    @Amplifi staff: Thanks for update, it's stable and speed is very good (No complaints from family anymore 😉).

    All the best,


  • @Mikael-Johansson how long have you been running the updated software? Also can you share a status update after a few more days? Sounds promising!

  • Hi @Quintin-Williams,

    I have been running the new FW since the day it was released.

    Although, I got an problem after a couple of days of the installation when my internet disappeared. Automatically I thought it was on the Amplifi side. But it wasn't, it was an outage at our ISP. So I could not blame Amplifi for that 😉

    As for now I am up and running for four days without any hiccups and with good performance.

    I ran all my IoT devices and cameras on my 2,4 Ghz dedicated network. All other devices as Macs, iPads, Windows computers is connected to 5 Ghz.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    All the best,


  • Good afternoon. Released another firmware 3.4.2 and it is also very bad! Maybe most of the functions in it work, but the upload speed again cuts almost twice! The last and only firmware that did not cut the speed was 3.1.2. I have a channel symmetrical 100/100 but when measuring the speed I get only 94/60. Dear developers, is it really so difficult to make a normal symmetrical Wi-Fi???? Even the cheapest routers give out a symmetrical speed! For 200 dollars, I would like to get a better product! Dear Robert Pera, when you created routers in Apple, they were actually normal!!! And here the devil knows what!!! People need stability not features that few people use!!!

  • @Mikael-Johansson Thanks for the feedback on 3.4.2. I have gone back to 3.1.2 Some time ago and have been monitoring the forum for experiences. I think it is early days still but hopefully we can get back to complaining about functionality instead of stability.

  • @guymauve0 This article will guide you through the Rollback Process.

  • @Borne0 Did you start experiencing issues only after you added the additional 2 to your system? I know troubleshooting can be time consuming and painstaking, but if your home network and users could survive with you removing those two new addition and monitor to see if it drops again. That could be the easiest and quickest way to identify a bad MeshPoint hardware and get a replacement.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks for your support. It not solve all my problem but continuing to search.

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    I don‘t remember with which one it started.
    The wifi freezes after 4 - 10 days randomly.
    Sometimes it restores itself or I have to unplug it and habe to reboot the system to reboot all meshpoints.
    The problem is that I can‘t wait for it to happen, I need my whole infrastructure.
    I can send you some log files. Maybe those have the key to focus on one mesh point.
    I recognized that all mesh points have „Hardware-ID 20“ but one. That has „Hardware-ID 1“

  • This post is deleted!

  • update installed since the day of its release. Everything works fine.

    HD Router, HD Router backbone & 3 mesh points

    0_1598305254001_Annotation 2020-08-24 233154.png

  • @Andy-Dufreyne haven't tested ethernet but I've had WiFi dropouts on 3.4.2,which I haven't had before (not on 3.4.1)

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