AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.2

  • @Andrew-Turley I am still on 3.1.2 but thinking about trying 3.4.2. Are your ethernet devices connected to the HD or some other device? Have you tried different ethernet cables? Anything else you can tell about your environment would be helpful.

  • @James-Earl-Ford

    I have fibre into the provider-supplied modem and wired from that to the AMPLIFI. The AMPLIFI runs all wireless connections in the house, and I have one Ethernet connection out to a basic switch, that has all the outlets in the house connected. There are three Devices plugged into the Ethernet outlets (2x airport express/airplay only, 1x appleTV. With 3.1 this all runs perfectly month in month out without issue. Update the firmware and all Ethernet connections die. Previously with 3.2.whatever, I was able to get occasional connections by unplugging/replugging the Ethernet into the back of the AMPLIFI but that would only work for a brief amount of time then drop off. Rolling back to 3.1 takes me back to 100% uptime and zero issues... ymmv of course, but as far as I can tell, there’s nothing exotic about my setup and if it were an Ethernet loop issue, it wouldn’t work under 3.1 either. No great shakes, I’m back to 3.1 and everything is rosy, so I’ll just stay put.

  • @Andrew-Turley Thanks, I was wondering if you have the same problem if the ethernet devices were plugged into the HD with not intermittent devices that could be the cause of the problem. Based on what you described I will stay on 3.1.2.

    Thanks for the info.

  • I'm having similar issues after updating to 3.4.2. I have one HD +2 mesh points that's connected to my ISP modem. Have a second HD downstairs that's connected to the first in ethernet backhaul mode. After upgrading today, neither of my meshpoints nor the second HD will connect and the main HD that's connected to the modem is only operating at about 10% (wired connection gets about 400mbps so no issue with the service). I took all offline and swapped the HDs so that the second HD is now connected to the modem and the original HD is wired downstairs and wifi goes back up to almost the full 400Mbps. Nothing except the second HD will connect to the app and neither mesh point will reset or connect to anything at all. The rollback option in the web UI only lets me go back to 3.4.1 which does not improve the situation. Everything worked flawlessly for the last 3 months or so since putting in the system. Have gone through a couple of FW updates in that time with no issue. Today's tanked my entire network. 😞

  • @Nico-Christodoulakis I’m sorry to tell you but I disagree with your comments. I have Been using AMPLIFI HD mesh (mesh kit+2nd Router +2 antennas) since 2017 and their development and testing process is terrible. We the consumers are the testing bed for this product. I had to buy a second mesh system because my original AMPLIFI HD mesh went belly up (yep harwdware ports all failed on the kit) so I had throw away $400 and I cannot afford an outage with our Covid lifestyle so I can make a living and AMPLIFI is not reliable enough for the task. I stayed on firmware 2.6.3 forever because of poor dev/testing and only recently moved to 3.1.2 based on my viewing of all the complaints here so I think you should let people voice their frustration so that AMPLIFI hears the saying goes, see something say something or it will NEVER get addressed. We’re not saying the mesh network design stinks but it’s their development and I would add performance. I have 600mbps ISP and never get past 250mbps with AMPLIFI but my other modem/router solution runs 400+ or higher mbps.

  • @James-Earl-Ford ...and anyone else. Think it's just fair to update on this as my first attempt gave me no faith, and I voiced that above. This morning I decided to have another crack at the firmware update, for no reason other than I was procrastinating and avoiding other things! So I updated to 3.4.2, restarted everything, and lo and behold, the system is up and running happily. I can now see the system topology in the web interface, and everything appears to be normal. Hopefully it doesn't fall into the disappearing-ports habit! Anyway, I'm going to stick it out with 3.4.2 for a bit and report back if anything goes awry.

  • @Andrew-Turley Great, I keep watching to see if it remains stable for you.

  • I have 3 x Amplifi HD routers and 1 x meshpoint in a single mesh. I ran flawlessly on 3.4.1 and when updating to 3.4.2 the signal between the devices to form a mesh was extremely poor. Tried a few things and couldn't get improved signal. Ended up rolling back to 3.4.1 and it is running well again. Keeping my eye on subsequent fixes to 3.4.2.

  • Just want to report a serious issue I have encountered. After the install of v3.4.2 my Amplifi HD mesh base lost all radio signal strength. If I held my phone 1 foot away from the unit I could connect. Anything else was toast. All mesh points obviously also couldn’t connect.

    I was using the unit just fine right before the update. Sooo clearly the update fried something.

    I contacted support and even downgraded to older versions of the firmware (multiple versions) but the radio is clearly broken now. Since I am out of the warranty period I have to buy a new system. This is unacceptable. Breaking hardware with software is possible FYI.

  • I'm running on 3.3.0 and do not see any issues. Had to reboot both HD units once as wifi speeds went limp somehow (2 HD mesh, over wireless). that fixed the issue and all is well again....
    Reading this thread (and ones from previous versions) makes me worried.
    What's the general consensus - is upgrade worth the risk ? Or "if its not broken..."

  • 3.4.2 works fine, I think I was wrong about problems with dropouts.

  • Can anyone say something positive about 3.4.2 ?

    Should i or dare i upgrade from 3.4.1 to 3.4.2 ?

  • @Eric35 If it isn't too risky for you, give it a go and report back? You can always roll back easily

  • @Eric35 A lot of the reported issues are in relation to mesh points, and if your signature is correct where you are only using the stand alone unit, you will not face any such issues. And like @Marius-Kemp said, if you face any issues you can always Roll Back to the version you were on previously.

  • Hi @Eric35,

    I have been running the 3.4.2 since release and it is stable for me.

    I have the below:

    1 router
    2 mesh points
    2 iPhones
    2 android phones
    3 iPads
    4 windows laptop
    2 windows desktop
    1 Mac mini 2014
    1 MacBook 12 2015
    4 cameras
    5 IoT devices
    2 printers

    Above on wifi and I also have the below connected:

    1 wired windows pc
    1 wired Synology nas

    Around 20 devices are always connected

    We have three wireless networks:

    -Main ssid
    -2,4Ghz network for cameras and IoT devices
    -5Ghz network for performance demanding pc:s/MacBook

    We have not experienced any performance issues.

    We live in 110m3 wood house with 2 floors.

    All the best,


  • I upgraded to v3.4.2 on Aug. 31.
    Up to now my HD system (1 HD router + 9 HD RAMPs connected via ethernet backbone) works rather fine (in any case better than the previous version, I have the impression).
    However, some further checks concerning the wifi connection speed and the stability over time are necessary for judging whether I can be completely happy now.

  • Moved from 3.1.2 to 3.4.2 12-days ago and Everything is still great

  • @Oliver-O No drop or slow connection on 2.4Ghz or Ethernet ?

  • I've been having a lot of connection issues over wifi since the update...

  • @yoe416 Just actually rolled back to see if the issues go away.

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