AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.2

  • @yoe416 Please let us know if rolling back worked or if the issue persisted.

  • @UI-AmpliFi all works fine!
    Ping are better from 21ms to 17ms on 100Mbs Deutsche Telekom.
    Setup: Telekom Speedport in Modem Mode - AMPLIFI HD - LAN - AMPLIFI Instant

    Keep up!

  • @yoe416 Was it working normaly after you roled back from firmware 3.42 ?

  • @Eric35
    So it’s been a whole day after and yes, it’s been working perfect. Have not had any WiFi issues with about 22-25 devices connected. Speeds have also been much more consistent. Yesterday I had anywhere from 2-120 Mbps today it’s normal at about 200-250 Mbps.

  • I had to roll back to 3.4.1, myself. Wifi, especially on 2.4 GHz meshpoints, was just failing constantly. Everything was switching over to mobile hotspots because the network would just randomly die. Zero problems before the upgrade and after the rollback. shrug

  • @Eric35 I too have only an HD with no mesh points. I am still on 3.1.2 and hoping there would finally be a stable update that I cold upgrade too.

    Have you had any problems since you updated to 3.4.2?

  • @Quintin-Williams several days on 3.4.2 and Apple/Nest/Vizio devices all working well. I only have an HD with no mesh points however. No slowdown and I have not rebooted since the update.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hi, as explained via chat, this update has increased dramatically the instability I am experiencing. Speed keep dropping repeatedly and I am unable to stream video, particularly video conference. This is frustrating given like many I am working from home.

    I have rolled back, but can you confirm when the next Firmware release will be please.

  • The Amplifi developers has FAILED repeatedly about releasing a stable firmware version now and few years from now on and surely even in future...


  • @Eric35 that may be your personal experience, which could be just an issue with the unit that you have, and the particular revision of hardware that you possess, I've had two Identical kit router's both with different results in the preformace and in regards to bugs.

  • @Edward-Dolezal Sorry to say BUT not just mune bad experience - Just read this thread and other's from the beginning and you'll see.

  • @Eric35 actually it's more of a failure of end users to preform basic troubleshooting steps, I've seen similar complaints about Asus units where the WiFi drivers have not been updated for over 2 years.

    That's why I strongly advcate for an automatic reboot scheduler, it seem to be more of a hardware issue due to the units limited ram and CPU rather then a software on from what I've experienced, and in regards to the software bugs I've encountered personally I've managed to fix them with a simple reboot, keep in mind my unit has been up for close to a month with no reboots, the most greif I've had is with teleport failing to connect right away.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the unit has an lips CPU that's not arm, and 128mb of ram so of course there will be slow down without flushing the memory periodically, which is essentially what a reboot does, on my old Asus router they have a feature for flushing the memory periodically to prevent issues, I'll look into it an make a feature request 🙂, hopefully that will help when implented.

  • @Eric35 The last I heard from you was the 3.4.2 had been stable for a few days. Are you having problems again with 3.4.2?

    As I mentioned previously I have a setup similar to yours (no mesh points) but have stayed on 3.1.2 because of stability problems with releases since then.

  • @Eric35 if your looking for support I think a lot of people in this group (including AMPLIFI-support) are more than willing to help but please take negative and non-constructive feedback somewhere else. Nobody forces you to use the AMPLIFI-product.

    Of course you find more people with problems in groups like this. That is always the nature of these groups since there is no need for people without issues to say how well it performs.

    Have you ever considered that it might be related to your specific setup or unit? Have you contacted support and provided logfiles when needed? This might give them more insight in solving the issue you’re experiencing.

    Also, please share more info on your setup and the problems you’re seeing with the current firmware. Others might have suggestions on how to solve or further steps on finding the rootcause.

    I’m using the current firmware since it was release on 3 HD’s with an Ethernet backbone without any problems. Roaming is even better than before.

  • @Eric35 22 days now and still going strong. No issues so far. 15 things connected via wifi or cable.

  • I was running 3.4.2 for about two weeks, having finally upgraded from 3.1.2. My setup is the HD and two meshpoints. The HD is on the main floor, with one meshpoint each on basement and upper floor.

    All was smooth until this evening. My iPhone was connected to the basement meshpoint and a speed test showed only 5MB/s down and maybe 7MB/s up. This was replicated with another iPhone connected to the basement meshpoint.

    I rolled back to 3.1.2 and immediately got better speed. Anyone else seeing these problems (again)?

    I saw another post suggest a regular reboot of the system as there may be memory issues?

    Thanks in advance

  • Why are download links so secret?

  • @dennyhassinger We choose to not have all firmware links public because of security and regulatory changes in each release. With AmpliFi designed with the standard home user in mind and simplicity, keeping home networks secure is high on the priority list. Instead of resorting to just using an older potentially less secure firmware, we gave users the ability to update and rollback if issues occur.

    We as the developers will support a specific firmware request, but we also in exchange like to have support files generated on the most updated firmware alone with support files on the version you rolled back to, to help us identify issues and fix them instead of just rolling back and ignoring them.

  • Hi all, just dropping in to say things have gone a bit south with 3.4.2 for me, looks like the 3 wired ports (via a standard 8-port switch) are dropping off again. Once they drop off, they don't come back via rebooting the amplifi every time (sometimes they do) but if I disconnect the switch and then plug it back in, they all seem to re-appear without trouble. Not sure why they're dropping off but i tend to have weeks of no hassle, so I'm starting to wonder if there's something additional I should be doing in the config to better handle this? Or could it be that the switch is doing something crazy? It's one of these: - it's a single line from the amplifi, to the network switch which has 3 other connections, and nothing else.

  • @Andrew-Turley Our recommendation would be to generate support files after you experience this issue without rebooting anything. Hopefully we can identify what could be causing this, and if we can't, at that point if we suspect the switch causing any issues we would recommend contacting them and testing the switch.

    If you rollback the firmware to a previous version, do you experience the same issue? (Please gather support files before rolling back)

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