Outdoor extenders that work with Amplifi?

  • I'm in the process of evaluating various mesh systems and I'm ultimately looking for one that can support an outdoor capable (IP66 or better rated) extender to bring WiFi coverage out to a dock area at my vacation rental. I've not yet evaluated what a standard AP can do as far as reach, but I'm trying to research this proactively.

    I've used Engenius external APs in other projects for consulting customers, but like the simplicity of tri-band mesh systems, especially since I would have to troubleshoot remotely. I've used Ubiquiti products, too, and really like them, which is why I'm considering the Amplifi instead of Eeor or Orbi.

    Anyone tried to attach a 3rd party extender to an AmplifiHD? If so, what brand did you use?

  • Hi @chashock,

    I don’t now what range or what you want to achieve with an outdoor antenna.

    My own solution was to add one extra mesh point that I put in our living room window, towards the garden.

    From that mesh point I can connect to my computers I have in our garden storehouse. I can walk around with my lawnmower and listen to Spotify, family and friends connects without problem when we are on the balcony.

    All the best,


  • @chashock Not sure how much you want to put into this but we use nano beams from ubiquiti and then run an amplifi instant off of it. You would need power at or around the dock though. The nano beams operate on their own SSID and can be programmed on your phone. Set the instant in bridge mode and youre good to go. We put the instant in a waterproof plastic box along with a ups. The power brick for the nano beam we keep in there as well.

  • @linkconger That's a great idea, I hadn't thought of using the nano beams. After doing a more careful site survey I think putting the Ubiquity outdoor mesh AP attached to the edge of the house's deck will probably be sufficient. I decided to use the nanoHD APs in the house and go ahead and run PoE as I found a good cabling path that I can use without tearing out a bunch of ceiling and wall. So I'll run PoE out to the deck support beams from the crawlspace, attach the UAP-AC-M to the deck leg with clean line of sight out to the dock, and run one SSID across the whole kit. If then I need better signal at the dock, look at the beams or another UAP-AC-M out there.

    Thanks for the idea.

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