AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.1

  • Ok. Been 24 hours since last crash so whatever caused the issue may have sorted itself out. Will leave as is to see what happens over next few days.

  • I‘ve had an Alien for two months. It‘s been rock solid until 3 days ago, after I had upgraded to Firmware version 3.4.1 revision 47-0-g55e68fc3d3.

    Ever since then, the WiFi has been going up and down randomly about 20 times a day. I have restarted the system. Is there anything I can do before I contact support?

    The internet connection to my ISP as well as the electricity have been up throughout that time.

    Does anyone have similar issues?

  • @Dennis-Wilson I would recommend not updating. I have two aliens, I updated and now I cannot even get an internet connection. It’s not my ISP. Support hasn’t provided an answer yet. I wish I would have never applied this update.

  • I allowed beta firmware updates and have no problems at all now with 3.4.3 If you have problems, open a chat with support and they’ll give you the 3.4.0 firmware to download and roll back.

  • At least a week now on 3.4.1 and all is good. Connection speeds seem to have increased and everything else has remained as stable as before with no issues.

  • Thanks @niffer !
    I'm holding off for now...
    I went through long, bad spell with the HD product with a similar pattern: a new update that brought poor performance/reliability, and Amplifi/Ubiquti was slow to address. In fact that was why I moved on to Alien -- because I was guessing the development on HD is now in "maintenance" mode (2nd tier priority).

    I suspect the good/bad experiences being reported in this thread are dependent on particular configuration and network topology situations. Would be good if folks shared a little more about that, so we can more effectively compare setups.

    My situation:

    • one Alien Router and Alien MeshPoint (v3.4.0)
    • Alien Router running in bridge mode
    • Google Fiber gigabit with Google network box serving as router, firewall and DHCP
    • typically ~40 devices connected on WiFI
      • 7 to 8 are Apple
      • 3 are Amazon
      • 8 are Google
    • Internet Settings:
      • IPv6 = Off
    • Wireless Settings:
      • Security = WPA2 PSK
      • Hidden SSID = Off
      • Additional 5 GHz radio = On
      • Band Steering = On
      • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels = Auto
      • Bandwidth = 80 MHz

    Typical WiFi test result: 275-300 Mbps up/down on iPhone XR @ 10 feet from Alien Router
    (compared to 950 Mbps on hardwired ethernet)

  • @Dennis-Wilson My settings on the Alien are pretty much he same as yours. I’m on Verizon Fios 200/200 service tier with about 16 devices mostly Apple. Alien is in bridge mode to the Fios router whose WiFi radios are off. Speeds currently on 3.4.1 are 300-500 up and down over WiFi on all devices that connect to the 5GHz network. I have the 2.4 and 5 named separately. Those speeds have increased since 3.4.1. Prior to that 300-400 were normal.

    Due to Covid Verizon had provided gig service for several months for free. My Alien was on 3.4.0 during that period. WiFi speeds were 500-600+ in that period. With our current usage and the speeds provided by Verizon and this router we have no need to pay $40 more a month for gig service. So all is good here.

  • For ios device users ios 14.1 was just released with a possibly related fix - “ Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points” I haven’t had any issues and am not seeing any difference after I updated my iPhone. But perhaps this may help others.

  • @John-Pappas I think IOS 14.1 fix for "- Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points" is helping cause I have (2) Amplifi Alien Routers one upstairs as the main wifi router for my home setup in bridge mode hooked to my EdgeRouter 4 with Verizon FIOS as my ISP and the other Amplifi Alien Router is downstairs hard wired using ethernet backbone and before the IOS 14.1 update today when I would be walking around the house and watching Twitch for example on my phone I would lose wifi access most of the time when switching between APs and the phone would say in Wifi settings no internet connection, after I waited about 10-15 minutes it would finally connect, but now I do not experience this behavior and have a solid connection after the update so something must of been fixed by Apple with IOS 14.1.

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