AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.1

  • 3.4.1 Here. One SSID (everything combined). Noticed the router is being extra aggressive transferring clients from 5ghz to 2.4ghz at range. I’m sitting on my deck with a beer and trying to stream the rockets OKC game in the 4th quarter and getting buffering on 2.4ghz when I would typically get decent 5ghz speeds and good streaming quality. Router is on the same floor and maybe 25 feet from where I’m sitting outside.

  • @maratonomak I'm noticing the same issues. On top of this, I'm noticing that it doesn't matter if I'm wired or wireless connection and steam, I'll get buffered every 5 minutes for a minute. Did not have this issue with my ASUS Router RT-AC87U. I bought the Alien thinking things would be better, but it's not turning out that way yet.

  • @Rishi-Bhatia Band steering is enabled by default, can you test with this option disabled? I would suggest not waiting until the next game just in case its a nail bitter as well 🙂

    If you have devices that you know are dedicated to the 2.4Ghz band, you can create just a 2.4Ghz network for those devices, leaving everything else on the common SSID and that may help band steering direct devices more appropriately.

  • @Derek-Splattstoesser For me the wired connected devices have been constant. Speed over 900 mbps in 1 gigabit from Xfinity. My only issue with the new firmware was WiFi 6 on my iPhone 11 max with speed range from 70 - 150 mbps. Since you're on the new firmware , try a restart on both modem and router. Also check the wires connected to your modem. Few months back (different router) my wired speed used to drop to 70 mbps until I noticed that my connections were loose. .

  • I don't know what routers you guys are comparing this to, but it just does not have good performance with gig internet and around 60 devices. A 300mbs is not acceptable. I get 500's and sometimes 700's with a Netgear RAX120. I am giving this a chance because I payed for two units that I can no longer return.

  • @Mike-P what app/website are you using to test your speeds? I’m using Root Metrics Coverage Map to test my wireless and cellular speeds. Try using it to test your network. Here is what I just got on my Aliens from the front yard, about 50 feet or so away.


  • @Richard1864 I do not use iphone.

  • @Richard1864 10 feet from the router using a wifi6 device.0_1598320501150_Screenshot_20200824-185316_Coverage Map.jpg

  • Here are 5 continuous test in a row.0_1598320974450_Screenshot_20200824-190133_Coverage Map.jpg

  • This is what is coming into the router.0_1598321145397_Screenshot_20200824-190441_AmpliFi.jpg And QOS is off.

  • I am sick and disgusted. And yes, I got the same results from my old unit. This is a brand new unit (RMA), newer hardware number than the old unit. I also have two units and I have tried making the other unit the main router and it makes no difference whatsoever.

  • @maratonomak My wired connections will peak out at 970 Mbps of my 1Gbps internet provider (Xfinity).
    Today my Wifi6 (iPhone 11 Pro max) just a room away hit 425Mbps, outside a football field away was still getting full signal and 200Mbps speeds.
    Now however when I go upstairs and 2 rooms away, my Apple TV 4K connects and 1/2 signal, my Amazon Plug gets 1/4 reception, and my iPhone 11 Pro Max gets 1/2 signal and the same speeds as if I was a whole football field away. The AmpliFi Alien is supposed to be an Omni Directional device right?
    From what I have tested, I get better results directly in front of the screen distance-wise vs if I was behind the device at the same distance.
    I had the Alien sitting on top of my piano semi centered and only getting 80-85% signal to all my wifi devices. I move it to the top of my tall bookcase, and I'm not getting a 92% overall wifi signal to all my wifi devices. I'm curious now if I placed the Alien on my 2nd floor if I would get better coverage or not? Might be worth a shot, but then again, so I want to go through the hassle of moving my Cable Modem and Alien just to test and figure out the coverage thing better? So far by reading the forum, after the last update, I factory reset my device, and it's been fairly smooth since.

    The only thing I wish I could find is a WiFi Analyzer for the iPhone so I can tell while channels my neighbors are on, so I can set mine to the ones not used.

  • These is what my area looks like network wise, nothing I can do about it since I can't manually change the channel.0_1598321934366_Screenshot_20200824-191332_NetSpot.jpg

  • @Mike-P You're using an iphone right? What App are you using?

  • Im 10 feet away at 100% and you see my results?0_1598322383309_Screenshot_20200824-192314_AmpliFi.jpg

  • @Derek-Splattstoesser Android Root Metrics App

  • @Mike-P Bummer, iPhone has a RootMetrics app, but it's very limited with what it can do.

  • @Derek-Splattstoesser It's made by the same people, just the android version, but appears to be worse than the iphone app. Really does not matter the results are the same with every app I have tried.

  • @Mike-P I do like the wifi test that I'm able to do with it, but not seeing anything useful anymore to tell me what WiFi channels are being used around me. I had an app that would show me, but for the life of me can't recall what it was.

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