AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.1

  • @UI-AmpliFi What is the issue that prompted the pause in the general rollout?

  • Also very interested in knowing... wondering if it's a slight speed reduction.

  • I don't care about when you roll out updates but please add 160mhz and WEPA 3 to any software update you do soon

  • My wifi cameras are very slow and laggy since this last update as well.

  • @UI-AmpliFi i am also curious, can you share details on the issue that halted the rollout? It will help make a decision about enabling beta to get the update. Thanks.

  • Any news on this update of when the new one with corrections will be pushed?

  • @Tristan-Baptist @David-Mulcahey-0

    Let's all upvote one another's requests for more transparency on why they paused the rollout of v3.4.1.

    The silence is deafening!

  • I’ve noticed since updating to 3.4.1, I have full wifi strength in my backyard, at least according to my devices but the actual connection is extremely slow and sometimes fails to load at all (wasn’t an issue in 3.4.0). Kinda bizarre, using a single Amplifi Alien.

  • @Tristan-Baptist We are estimating ~2 weeks time but its not for certain for we are still trying to resolve the issue reported. A breakdown of issues and fixes will be posted once they have been addressed and released

  • @UI-AmpliFi Any further updates on this releases re release... or beta?... Started experiencing an odd reduction in speed on my Alien units..

  • @Tristan-Baptist We are solving a few more problems and you should see the rolling update resume! I'll update this thread when we have an ETA.

  • @Penchito-Martinez
    These modifications aren't that simple... This requires licensing/coordination with the FCC and other bodies. I'm sure that UBNT is working on it with the amount of requests they are getting.. But the FCC only moves so fast as well. Have patience! Ubiquiti generally does a real good job of taking care of their customers.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @UI-AmpliFi For those who are already running 3.4.1, will this be a 3.4.2 release or a 3.4.1 re-release?

  • Ever since updating from v3.4.0 to v3.4.1 I am having significant issues on my iPhone 11 using WiFi 6.

    Whatsapp, Facetime and Skype calls are having stuttering, freezes or significant lag. It is possible its an IOS14 thing, but I dont think so as WiFI5 devices seems to be fine?

    Attempting to downgrade to 3.4.0, but I cant find a download link anywhere, can anyone help?

  • @Robert-Pivac my iPhone 11 Pro got the same issue 😞 and it was the same on iOS 13

  • @UI-AmpliFi I looked at the FCC report for the Alien and it appears that the product was not tested for the UNII-2A channels (52, 56, 60, and 64) which matches what I am seeing in the application, i.e., Channels 52, 56, 60, and 64 are not available. These are not the DFS channels, so I am surprised they are not included. The frequency range for these channels is 5,250-5,350 MHz.

    I also noticed the UNII-2C channels that need DFS and TPC were not tested, channels 100-140....frequency range 5,470-5,725 MHz. This also matches the app -- no ability to enable DFS and use these channels.

    I sure hope that the Alien HW is capable of supporting these frequency ranges and that Ubiquiti made a business decision to release the product without this support to decrease time to market. That's not a super great thing from a customer point of view, but at least it means that this feature could be unlocked via a SW upgrade.

    @UI-AmpliFi Is there a team at Ubiquiti actively working on adding support for these frequency bands to the Alien?

    0_1600766623055_Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 5.13.40 AM.png



  • @dexx64 same here as well. Albeit, I have not updated my iPhone 11 Pro to iOS 14 yet. Still running iOS 13.5 for jailbreak reasons. Also, I have 2 Aliens set up with Ethernet backhaul on the mesh point.

    Prior to 3.4.1 public release, I’ve had no issues with latency, ping, or range at my place. Been running 3.4.1 since around public release and been experiencing all these issues.

    Even went as far as factory reset with no success. Only resolution I can do to mitigate some of these issues was to separate the 2.4 and 5ghz bands on each Alien so my devices don’t hop around to each Alien frequently.

    Hoping that they resolve these issues soon.

  • @Jason-May exactly, i think it's a driver issue on the amplifi... Wifi 6 is freaking out on the iphone 11... but the ipad pro 2020 works better, ok.. it sometimes drops to wifi 5 but it is faster and more stable, guess the wifi chip is different.... bugs, annoying things! they mess up the wifi on the PS4 pro too.... 😛 but Ubiquiti will eventually fix it, that's why we are the beta testers, the sticker on the bottom of my unit says it 😄

  • @dexx64 yeah I’m hoping it’s a driver issue as well and not the units itself (launch week unit and 1st week 2020 second unit) as we’re all voicing our experiences since this firmware came out.

    I never bothered checking the web UI, but can we rollback firmware like the HD units? Would love to go back to worry-free experience again. I’m having an ASUS AC-1900 PTSD moment lol

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