AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.1

  • @teurick Upgraded a day ago using the Amplifi app, I'm on a 1 router / 2 mesh setup. 30 devices online, including Nest thermostats/cameras/protects, various iPhone/MacBook/MacMini/iPad/AppleTV, MyQ garage door/gate, Amazon Echo (various models/generations) and Fire, various LG/Samsung smart TVs, several Rokus of various generations, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Chromebook, 2GIG alarm system. Your mileage may vary, but for me, not a single issue to report so far.

    Quick speedtest using my iPhone Xs:
    0_1602588108391_Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 6.20.18 AM.png

  • @teurick I just upgraded. I was waiting for a while to see if it would do it automatically but I went ahead and tapped the firmware update and itโ€™s only been a few minutes but everything is good with all my devices and speeds seem to be better. Although that could be a temporary condition. No issues so far.

  • Thanks people. I applied update, everything smooth so far.
    Speed test in router showed 835 down, 60 up, so a little better than my normal avg on my 1G connection.

  • Updated to 3.4.1 yesterday (10-13-2020). This is the first that 3.4.1 has been available to me. The previously released 3.4.1 (9-18-2020) was never available for me (and i checked almost every day after this thread was started).

  • @bleagh
    Did you have yourself checked to receive Beta firmware in the Amplifi App?

  • I upgraded to 3.4.1 last night (using the touch control on the front of my main unit). Initially, the update process stalled out and sat on the updating screen for hours. A reboot got it to come back and finish updating.

    I have noticed one issue so far that is a bummer.

    I have a second ALIEN unit as a mesh point that is using an Ethernet Backbone.

    The speed has been reduced greatly after the update from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1.

    3.4.0 Ethernet Backbone Mesh Test
    ~900-1000 Mbps

    3.4.1 Ethernet Backbone Mest Test
    ~90-95 Mbps

    I switched off the Ethernet Backbone setting to test the WiFi backbone for troubleshooting and the speeds shot back up to 1000+ Mbps

    Not sure, but perhaps 3.4.1 broke something with Ethernet Backbone Mesh? Does anyone else use an Ethernet backbone and see similar results?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @grepjason Just sharing this in case it helps.

    It seems like your Aliens are negotiating a 100Mbps link instead of 1000Mbps link. I had that happen when I first wired up my link -- it was only negotiating a 100Mbps connection.

    After troubleshooting, I discovered I had made a mistake in the wiring of the Ethernet cable plugs. After realizing my error, I was surprised it worked at all honestly.

    I cut off the bad plug and affixed a new one using the T568B wiring standard. I was relieved to see the backhaul link come up as 1000Mbps (Gigabit).

    Maybe there's some subtle difference in 3.4.1 related to the Ethernet path that is making it less tolerant of an issue? (that's a guess)

    You could try moving the two Aliens into close proximity so you can use an off-the-shelf Ethernet cable a a troubleshooting step. I suspect that will result in a 1000Mbps (Gigabit) link suggesting the issue is with your Ethernet wiring.


  • @gburlingame
    +1 on it sounding like a link negotiation speed issue.

    Check your cable/fittings and replace as necessary! If you need, cable testers can be had for pretty cheap IE: Less than $30.00 or so from Home Depot/Lowes SouthWire brand. I would think that 3.4.1 broke something with the ethernet backhaul mesh set-up.. But no-one else has experienced/reported this yet on the fresh firmware.


  • @grepjason I just checked with my 2 mesh nodes, they both clock at ~955/955Mbps via ethernet backhaul (3.4.1).

  • Upgraded yesterday and all seems fine except getting random reboots of the alien set up as the primary router. Very annoying getting the chimes it plays on startup at 2am in the morning. Current set up 1 Router / 2 wired mesh / 1 wireless mesh. All on 3.4.1

  • @dag777 Thanks! Good to know. I will have to do some further digging.

  • @grepjason Thanks again to everyone for the replies. After some more digging, I found the culprit. For some reason, after the upgrade of the Alien, it kicked the switch port on the USW-24-G2 down from 1000 to 100/10. Quick disconnect / reconnect negotiated it back to 1000!

  • @grepjason
    Let this serve as proof that no matter how smart anyone thinks they are... You always have to start with the basics when it comes to troubleshooting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for updating us all! Glad to hear it was not a firmware related issue.

  • @Anthony_014 actually the problem that @grepjason encountered sounds like a firmware problem -- possibly a corner case they don't test for.

    If I understand correctly, he's connecting one Ubiquiti product to another Ubiquiti product (the switch to the Alien) and for some unexplained reason it negotiated a 100Mbps link after the upgrade. If that's correct it seems like a bug Ubiquiti should investigate.

  • @gburlingame
    Correct. I should of been more clear... The issue may of have been firmware related, but not on the Alien. Per the user above, it looks like it negotiated down on the Unifi Switch, therefor causing the Alien to negotiate down with it. EDIT: It could of been either side that initiated the change I suppose.

    I've seen so many different things cause ethernet negotiation errors... They are almost never device software related. It's always a open pair on a cable, or a bad fitting, fudged cable all-together, or simply needs the interface bounced, etc...

    I have not seen another user have the same issue when applying 3.4.1 FW to their Alien. I guess I just jumped to conclusions given the above statement that it was likely not a FW issue.

  • @gburlingame That is correct, nothing changed from a cabling perspective, the 100Mbps negotiation came about after the firmware update reboot of the Alien units. This is what lead me down the path of initially wondering if the firmware was the cause since everything else was untouched physically or digitally.

    ALIEN MAIN <<1Gb>>USW-24-G2<<1Gb>>ALIEN MESH

    Will give all cables a once over for the heck of it just in case. ๐Ÿ‘

  • @grepjason
    Either way, I'm happy that it's fixed for you!
    A win is a win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Anthony_014 Absolutely! Thanks! ๐Ÿป

  • @Stephen-Foster-0 Keep us updated on this. I had a similar experience with a previous firmware where the main router would reboot about 20 times a day and donโ€™t want to go thru that ever again.

  • @Stephen-Foster-0 said in AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.1:

    Upgraded yesterday and all seems fine except getting random reboots of the alien set up as the primary router. Very annoying getting the chimes it plays on startup at 2am in the morning. Current set up 1 Router / 2 wired mesh / 1 wireless mesh. All on 3.4.1

    You can try beta firmware version 3.4.3rc0 by enabling beta updates in WebUI settings (http://amplifi.lan/settings.php). It sends crash logs to Ubiquiti so that we can investigate the issue and fix it. Also it has the fix for crashes related to Teleport connection.

    As for the reboot sound, you can turn down the volume to 0 in mobile app or in LCD settings.

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