AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.1

  • Ok. Been 24 hours since last crash so whatever caused the issue may have sorted itself out. Will leave as is to see what happens over next few days.

  • I‘ve had an Alien for two months. It‘s been rock solid until 3 days ago, after I had upgraded to Firmware version 3.4.1 revision 47-0-g55e68fc3d3.

    Ever since then, the WiFi has been going up and down randomly about 20 times a day. I have restarted the system. Is there anything I can do before I contact support?

    The internet connection to my ISP as well as the electricity have been up throughout that time.

    Does anyone have similar issues?

  • @Dennis-Wilson I would recommend not updating. I have two aliens, I updated and now I cannot even get an internet connection. It’s not my ISP. Support hasn’t provided an answer yet. I wish I would have never applied this update.

  • I allowed beta firmware updates and have had no problems with 3.4.3. If you have problems, open a chat with support and they’ll give you the 3.4.0 firmware to download and roll back.

  • At least a week now on 3.4.1 and all is good. Connection speeds seem to have increased and everything else has remained as stable as before with no issues.

  • Thanks @niffer !
    I'm holding off for now...
    I went through long, bad spell with the HD product with a similar pattern: a new update that brought poor performance/reliability, and Amplifi/Ubiquti was slow to address. In fact that was why I moved on to Alien -- because I was guessing the development on HD is now in "maintenance" mode (2nd tier priority).

    I suspect the good/bad experiences being reported in this thread are dependent on particular configuration and network topology situations. Would be good if folks shared a little more about that, so we can more effectively compare setups.

    My situation:

    • one Alien Router and Alien MeshPoint (v3.4.0) WiFi6 connected (no ethernet backhaul)
    • Alien Router running in bridge mode
    • Google Fiber gigabit with Google network box serving as router, firewall and DHCP
    • typically ~40 devices connected on WiFI
      • 7 to 8 are Apple
      • 3 are Amazon
      • 8 are Google
    • Internet Settings:
      • IPv6 = Off
    • Wireless Settings:
      • Security = WPA2 PSK
      • Hidden SSID = Off
      • Additional 5 GHz radio = On
      • Band Steering = On
      • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels = Auto
      • Bandwidth = 80 MHz

    Typical WiFi test result: 275-300 Mbps up/down on iPhone XR @ 10 feet from Alien Router
    (compared to 950 Mbps on hardwired ethernet)

  • @Dennis-Wilson My settings on the Alien are pretty much the same as yours. I’m on Verizon Fios 200/200 service tier with about 16 devices mostly Apple. Alien is in bridge mode to the Fios router whose WiFi radios are off. Speeds currently on 3.4.1 are 300-500 up and down over WiFi on all devices that connect to the 5GHz network. I have the 2.4 and 5 named separately. Those speeds have increased since 3.4.1. Prior to that 300-400 were normal. No mesh point used.

    Due to Covid Verizon had provided gig service for several months for free. My Alien was on 3.4.0 during that period. WiFi speeds were 500-600+ in that period. With our current usage and the speeds provided by Verizon and this router we have no need to pay $40 more a month for gig service. So all is good here.

  • For ios device users ios 14.1 was just released with a possibly related fix - “ Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points” I haven’t had any issues and am not seeing any difference after I updated my iPhone. But perhaps this may help others.

  • @John-Pappas I think IOS 14.1 fix for "- Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points" is helping cause I have (2) Amplifi Alien Routers one upstairs as the main wifi router for my home setup in bridge mode hooked to my EdgeRouter 4 with Verizon FIOS as my ISP and the other Amplifi Alien Router is downstairs hard wired using ethernet backbone and before the IOS 14.1 update today when I would be walking around the house and watching Twitch for example on my phone I would lose wifi access most of the time when switching between APs and the phone would say in Wifi settings no internet connection, after I waited about 10-15 minutes it would finally connect, but now I do not experience this behavior and have a solid connection after the update so something must of been fixed by Apple with IOS 14.1.

  • My alien has been updating to 3.4.1 and seems to be frozen. Anyone else have this problem?

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