Using Aliens with a couple TP-Link gigabit powerline pass-through

  • I have two Alien router setup, one router, one RaMP, using wireless backhaul. Running cable is from the router to the RaMP can be done as a last resort, but it’d be a pain. Instead, I ordered two tp-link gigabit powerline pass-through kits. They’re pretty slick, easy to setup.

    I have connected to the router, one in my office for my iMac, one for my PS4 and Apple TV, and another for the RaMP and a second Apple TV. It solved two of my problems: getting rid of unsightly cables running across the floor, and enabling wired backhaul from the router to the RaMP.

    All that said, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with these or something similar, suggestions on optimizing my setup, etc.?

  • UPDATE: I disconnected the RaMP from the pass-through and re-enabled wireless backhaul. The speed coming to the RaMP was abysmal; about 100 Mbps and no where near what I was used to getting. Grrr.... I might just end up running a cable from the router to the RaMP after all....

  • Yeah, in my experience, the power line adapters are pretty sub optimal speed wise. I’d recommend just biting the bullet and running the cable. That’s what I did, and I’m happy with the results for sure! Although, test your wireless backhaul a little too, maybe if you can live with the wireless backhaul performance, you can save yourself the headache 😊

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