Reception of Amplifi HD routers vs MeshPoints as mesh points

  • Hi all,

    My property has a main house that is about 38ft x 50ft that is well accommodated by my current router in the middle of that building as well as two smaller buildings that extend 50ft north of the main house. To equip these buildings with wifi a daisy chain configuration with Amplifi HD seems most appropriate (link). I know I can use Amplifi HD routers as mesh points (link) but since such a large distance has to be covered I was wondering if router mesh points are as effective receivers as MeshPoints? Does the MeshPoint design might make it an inherently better receiver then the router?

  • Hi @Joseph-Johnson - in general the performance of the HD router antennas are same as the MeshPoint antennas, but in my experience the HD routers perform a little better because you have some flexibility of placement, versus being plugged into a socket against a wall

    Will all of the units be installed indoors at all 3 locations?
    You might experience considerable signal loss going through 2 exterior walls and 50 ft of distance, and since the AmpliFi units do not have dedicated backhaul radios, whatever through-put you can achieve will be cut in half again

    It's always worth a shot, but I would make sure you can return any items you purchase if the performance doesn't match your expectations

    If you are mostly just wanting WiFi access inside the remote buildings, you can run an Ethernet cable outside of the premises (but don't want to bury one in a 50 ft conduit the full distance or cannot because of ground plane requirements), and you have clear line-of-site between the buildings, you might also consider a site-to-site bridge, such as...

    Then you can place an HD router as an access point inside the remote building using the wired backhaul option

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