Slow Internet Speed both hardwired in and wireless

  • I currently have Gigabit Internet with FIOS. The speed for the first several hours were great until it dropped to 100mbps.

    I have factory reset the Alien device but is still getting only 100mbps on both wired and wireless. Connecting directly to the ONT or using a different router, I am getting the correct internet speed.

    Contacted Verizon FIOS (ISP) to release DHCP didn't resolve. Nor did rebooting the ONT.

    The FIOS Internet is going to the Alien directly with nothing in between.

    I am on the latest firmware.

  • @Khanh-Dinh
    Same issue here although not as bad. Was loving the fast download speeds I was getting wireless, they seem to have been governed or something as they are half what they once were. Been chatting with tech support, tried literally everything. I too have fiber and connect to the ONT, but resetting hasn't helped. I have a second router that I use as a mesh, I wonder if that could be causing the issues?

  • @Riker101 When you were chatting with support, were you asked to gather support information from your system for the developers to review? This might be the best next step in discovering whats happening.

  • Yes, sent them the report more than once sadly

  • @Riker101 said in Slow Internet Speed both hardwired in and wireless:

    I have a second router that I use as a mesh, I wonder if that could be causing the issues?

    Is this a second AmpliFi Router? For a test you could disconnect this device and power cycle your network. Then see if speeds have returned or stayed hindered.

  • @Riker101 Yes, I provided some things from the router and was provided another firmware but the result was still the same. A RMA was requested and approved. Sent that off to them and getting my replacement by next Tuesday.

    Connecting my laptop directly to ONT was giving me the correct speed and when using an old router. The Amplifi only gave good speeds for a few good hours. Hopefully the replacement took care of the issue.

    My plan B is to return and get a dream machine but holding off for now.

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