Amplifi HD Meshes going offline and causing network issues

  • I have a Amplifi HD that had two wireless meshpoints. Seeing how our three daughters would be home streaming classes, I took off the wireless meshes and added 2 HD’s as wired backhauls. When one of the wired backhaul HD meshes goes offline, the rest of the network slows down. When the HD unit comes back online, the whole system becomes normal. I am running firmware 3.4.1 and have tried to update to 3.4.2 but the updat is not showing available for my units. Do I need to take the old HD and swap it with one of the non-binded HD? That way maybe the missing wireless meshes are causing problems?

  • @Jamie-Loeb The HD router that came in your kit will have to be in the primary position, so swapping them would not be an option. This is an issue I don't recall every being reported before, so I'm not sure what is happening. But I would like to understand whaat is causing the HD RaMP to go offline. Quite possibly the system resources are being used to reconnect the RaMP which causes the slow down?

    The update is on a gradual rollout, but all units should still be triggering the update at the same time since they are meshed together, preventing a firmware mismatch. If you want to manually trigger the update, you can enroll to receive beta firmware in the Web Interface.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I received the update this weekend, so that is fixed. The power problem was caused by the power strip that had plugs going out. I replaced the strip and all is well. I still do not understand why network WiFi throughput speed was negatively affected when the HD mesh unit went offline. I would have thought that the area serviced would have lost efficient WiFi service but all other areas would be unaffected.

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