Display Devices by Bandwidth Utilisation (WiFi and / or Internet)

  • Whilst the devices display on the Amplifi Alien router looks pretty, it does not offer much Utility. If the router had the smarts to show devices in Bandwidth Utilisation order, we could quickly discover "hogs" on the network when potentially troubleshooting.

    Even better, if it could be a choice of:

    1./ Latest Connection
    2./ WiFi Bandwidth Utilisation
    3./ WAN Port / Mesh Backhaul Bandwidth Utilisation
    4./ Rotating through all of the above


  • Further to my previous post. It would also be nice to have the ability to select a Device on the Alien Display and choose to Pause / Block it. Sometimes having your mobile device nearby is not an option so this would be of use.

    In a Mesh environment, the Block should be for all Mesh Nodes on the network so it would have to relay back to the router - This could be more tricky for you but a worthwhile challenge none the less.

  • @Stephen-Foster-0 I would love to see this feature as well! It would be great to keep stats of how much bandwidth is being used per device rather than just the overall data usage.

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