• Hello,

    I have an AFi-INS kit and an additional AFi-INS-R that make up my mesh system. I would like to add additional coverage. If I bought an AFi-R, could I use that as my primary router and use the AFi-INS kit and AFi-INS-R as additional mesh points or would I need to add the AFi-R as a mesh point into the original system? If the latter, would adding the AFi-R provide more coverage if used as an additional mesh point. Trying to decide if it makes sense to use the AFi-R as a mesh point or go with the AFi-INS-R.


  • Hi @kisslija - the router from any kit must be the primary router in an AmpliFi mesh, so you unfortunately cannot cannot use a standalone AFi-R as the primary router and use the AFi-INS kit as mesh points

    The antenna and performance of the AFi-R is better than that of an Instant, so it should provide better coverage in a direct comparison and in theory make a better connection signal quality wise, but how much better is significantly impacted by the actual environment, so it is very hard to say if it will be worth an extra ~$50 to your installation

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