IP Adresses

  • I just got two Aliens today. I have a raspberry pi running a pihole server and another running HOOBs. They are connected via ethernet. I am trying to figure out which is which in the devices. Is there a way to delete devices in the device list and power things on one at a time to figure which is which? I have the same thing with my light switches, they are all just the manufacturers name. When I had everything labeled on my Amplifi HD setup.

  • @David-Verch Each device will display its unique MAC ID, that can be used to identify each one. Another way to identify each product would be to pause them using the app. If a lightbulb is paused, I believe it would not respond when being turned on wirelessly.

    Each device in the device list also shows up/down usage in real time. If you had the ability to run a speed test from the device, you could identify which one is which my seeing which device spikes in usage when a speed test is ran.

  • THank you for your reply. I unplugged the raspberry pis and I see they eventually went away from the app, so I can plug them in one at a time. I need to sit down and assign all the wired stuff a static IP address. You do things in fits and starts over time. When you go all new you forget all the work you put in to get things just right. I was going to post my iphone was not connecting to the internet. My work computer is, I forgot the company forces the DNS and now that the pihole is unplugged nothing was working. I have everything set to as DNS till I can sit down and figure everything out.

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