2 Amplifi HD Routers on same account

  • I am setting up my amplifi hd router with multiple teleport apss connected to it aling with teleport hardwares and even another amplifi hd router to router for vpn tunnel due to living abroad.

    My issue is trying to prepare for if my home router breaks or anything while abroad. I have bought another and want to set it up the same way and have it in storage so if anything happens my family in my local home can just swap the units and already set up. Asduming that those things connected to first router can also be set up on a second one.

    Can we set up two home main amplifi hd routers under same account?
    And if so, anything i should be aware or instructions to make sure i do it right.

    Or do i need to set that router and the full setup umder a different email which i will log on once the new one is connected.

  • @gigemman You can set them up under the same account. You may want to use a backup file from the original one to fully replicate it. See our guide here: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025766954-Advanced-webUI-Backup-and-Restoration-of-Settings#:~:text=Navigate to the web UI,settings to the AmpliFi router.

    The one limitation would be with the Teleport Hardware. That can only be paired to one router at a time, so there would be no way to set up redundancy with that device.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you very much for this very helpful guide for being able to replicate it easy to the other router and not have to do everything from scratch. And glad to know i can set them both up under same account with replicate info.

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