Amplifi iOS App Times Out on iOS 14 Betas

  • The Amplifi iOS app is essentially unusable on iOS 14, as it constantly times out even if I’m not actively doing anything.

    Just want to make sure that this is a known issue.


  • @robbinsb We are currently experiencing issues with the AmpliFi Cloud service which is impacting Teleport and remote management features.
    Can you please check back after our status page shows everything is operational and test again to see if the issues you are experiencing are being caused from this outage.

  • Thanks much. That doesn’t appear to be the issue as this has been broken for weeks (as soon as I installed the iOS 14 beta it was broken). I just now found this board to post on.

    I can also confirm that the app is still unusable as of writing this reply.


  • @robbinsb Thanks for reporting, I will try to replicate the issue and provide this information to the developers. Can you explain what fails or share a screen shot of the error?

  • 0_1598497341102_19A204BD-1F9E-4163-A7E2-61F90E3CA444.png

    Sure. Here’s a screenshot of the main screen. Pretty much nothing works. It seems as though the app is reporting networking timeouts which may be to blame. It’s unclear to me if there is more going on. Happy to provide more info if you need.

    If you install the beta, I think you’ll immediately experience these issues. I don’t expect it to be difficult to repro.


  • @robbinsb @UI-AmpliFi This is happening to me as well, but I am still on iOS 13.6.1. It seems to have started happening after the outage earlier this week, or possibly the app update. I noticed there is scheduled maintenance coming up tonight, so maybe it will fix this issue?

    I sent an email to support already, just figured I would note that it doesn't appear to be a iOS beta issue.

    For context, this is only happening with my LR kit that is on 3.4.1. I have 2 other setups working fine one on 3.4.1 (HD/teleport kit + HD router), the other on 3.4.2 (HD non-kit + meshpoint).

  • @robbinsb Are you using an HD kit or the LR like @eighty80 ?

  • @UI-AmpliFi After some more experimenting, I ended up resetting my device and the problem disappeared. It seems that the timing was just lucky. Thanks for your help.

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