Firewall configuration capabilities?

  • I am interested in getting this router for home, but I see no information or documentation on how configurable the firewall is. For instance I would like to be able to block all unknown MAC addresses from getting an IP via DHCP and blocking all DNS until I go into the firewall and add the new MAC address. In other words, the only way on to my network is if I specifically add your MAC address. I also want to be able to group my network objects for allowing certain ports etc.
    Is this possible with the Alien?

    Does the software require a Windows machine? I run all my network configurations from my Linux hardware, and have linux servers, so I dont want to be forced to install Windows just to configure my router.


  • @Ronaldo-Nascimento This router does not have MAC filtering capabilities, you can pause a device from the mobile app once its connected to the network. You can configure it from any OS using the web UI, however for full configuration features we recommend using the mobile app.

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