Compatibility of Ring doorbell and Alien

  • I had issues with the live view on both my Ring Doorbell 2 with the Aliens. AmpliFi and Ring supports were not able to troubleshoot the problem where connection to the live view was very sporadic. From my research on the net, it seem to be not an uncommon problem. I finally found a potential fix but want to make sure I’m not creating a security problem. The live view so far is working much better on a Guest network without a security password. The Guest network is hidden and has a 2 device limit. Am I putting my main network at a security risk? And by hiding the network, will that prevent people from using my internet since the Guest network does not require a password? Any comments or advice is much appreciated.

  • @tonytrung Even with a hidden SSID it is not difficult for someone with experience to find the network. With the device limit this should eliminate the possibility of another device connecting as long as a Ring device does not disconnect from the network and allow an opening. The Guest network is in fact isolated from the rest of your network so there is a bit of protection there, a safer choice maybe to use an additional SSID with a password. If the additional SSID will work for live view..

  • Thanks for your reply. I have router and 2 RAMPs and have tried multiple different additional SSID w /password without success. I have also tried static and dynamic IP’s. I have not try Guest w/ password yet. Aside from the network isolation, is there any technical/protocol difference between Guest w/ password and additional SSID that would affect compatibility with Ring?

  • @tonytrung good questions. I have a SPA with Wifi capabilities and when I used the Alien, it’s impossible to connect the SPA. I’ve sent support files to Ubiquiti support team and my understanding is that they « saw » the issue in the logs and there are working on something. It is working perfectly on my HD unit, so I guess it’s a matter of « coding ». Good luck

  • You didn't explain what your problem is in any detail. Further, hiding an SSID does not change anything about performance. It sounds like you have a configuration problem with your wireless. Explain your configuration here, including distances from AP, signal strength, topology, etc.

    Next; Live View broken since 05/04

  • @unseenone problem: live view would not connect. Motion and door ring video recoding works fine. Live view would record but can not watch it live. Amplify app would always show ring doorbell is connected but my fingbox shows both of my ring doorbells would sporadic and intermittently be offline.

    System setup: 1 Alien router w/ 2 Alien RAMP’s Ethernet connected w/ XFINITY 1 gig/ 40 mbps. Separate main 2.4 and 5 SSID’s, additional Wi-Fi 5 SSID, additional router SSID for all access points for all bands (Support assured me having all these 12 SSID’s does not diminish speed/network). Roaming devices stay on main Wi-Fi 6 5ghz band; IoT’s stay on closest 2.4 or Wi-Fi 5 5 ghz additional router bands.

    Solution: failed attempts to fix live view with connection to both main and additional router SSID’s with dynamic and static IP’s combinations. Both doorbells had RSSI - 48 and -54 and always clean bill of health on the ring app. Finally decided to put doorbells on guest network and so far has been much more solid after a week of constant testings: works 98-99% now vs <30 % of the time before. I was only hiding the network before cause initially tried it w/o security passward. But now using security password and still works well. My point was the guest network got it to work; not b/c the SSID was hidden. Was hoping someone could explain the reason. Also FYI: in addition to hiding network, I set max to 2 devices for the 2 doorbells for extra protection. But I found out I could still log on guest network with my phone despite max device criteria. Maybe max criteria is per band as doorbells were 2.4 and iPhone was 5ghz.

  • And also, system with current configuration has been rock solid aside from the previous ring live view problem with expected speeds on Ethernet and Wi-Fi Speedtest. Currently on 3.4.1.

  • My ring doorbell wouldn't connect to 5GHz at all on my HD, I had to setup an additional SSID for my IOT devices on 2.4GHz and it connected to that just fine. I recently pulled my HD and meshpoints and replaced with some Ruckus gear and even though it's further away and in the basement as I don't have it permanently installed yet, it connected right up on 5GHz.

  • It sounds like there's maybe a bug on the firmware. One of you willing to setup "Additional 5Ghz" Radio and test on that, say call it "RINGTST5G"or something. There's also an article/list of complaints I found regarding ring stating it's been broken since 08/05 or something like that if you search for it. A whole bunch of people complaining there. Finally, if you confirm it connects on 5Ghz on something else, and not on Alien, then I would think software team here, would want to know. The online chat tech support is good, and they are excruciatingly thorough. There's files in the unit they can use to debug.

  • @tonytrung I'll stick to the UI camera, seeing as I know that one. Using the app (which has been reinstalled on both iphone and android at this point. Further, ended up doing a scratch install of my whole network, except my Alien. A long story, but the UI team sure could use some lessons from the Alien team. All that aside-- this is how our setup is working fine (2.4Ghz aside)

    We have one "Additional 5Ghz Radio" for Cameras and Roku's etc., as your network is, to keep the WiFi 6 clear of traffic "ALIEN". This network is ALIEN5G -- and the doorbell works perfectly on it, with all the other cameras in Protect. The signal is super strong though as well, as the door is close to one of my 3 WiFi routers. I wonder if we could maybe chop this problem up in into smaller bits, and test the UI gear on the 5Ghz.

    In our case, we actually left our phones, and AX devices on the new "ALIEN" high speed network, and the doorbell is on the other SSID.

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