Bridge mode issues

  • I've been a long time Amplifi HD user, but I don't know since when but my Android is suddenly having connectivity issues when Amplifi HD is in bridge mode.

    Today I changed the Amplifi HD to be in routed mode, and issues go away. An example, I have a Traeger grill that is on the same wifi, my Android sees it in routed mode but the moment I change it to bridged mode it can't see the grill. If I turn wifi off, then the grill is seen, which is really unusual because the grill is connected via wifi out to the Internet to act as a broker, so the wifi itself seems to be OK.

    I also have an electricity provider app on my phone that uses API's to determine future wholesale pricing. In bridge mode, it breaks, in routed mode its fine.

    I'm not sure if this has started happening since version 3.4.1, i upgraded to 3.4.2 and its still problematic.

    How can I go back further than 3.4.1 to see where the problem was introduced?

  • Hi @Cameron-Jenkins - did you have a fixed reserved IP address for your HD router in Bridge mode with any port forwarding rules?

    Starting with v3.3.0 the MAC address for the router in Bridge mode changed from what it was in v3.1.2, which can cause issues

    You can send a chat message to @UI-AmpliFi and request a download link for v3.1.2 to manually roll back the firmware to see the situation is corrected

  • @Derek-Saville Nah I was using DHCP.

    I've swapped back to v3.1.2 with some help and the issue still exists. There seems to be some incompatibility with my Pixel 4 XL and bridging mode on the Amplifi HD. I had my wife install the Traeger app on her iPhone and the issue doesn't exist at all with her connecting directly.

    Is there a way to do a packet capture on the Amplifi HD at all?

  • Is there a way to do a packet capture on the Amplifi HD at all?

    Hi @Cameron-Jenkins - not to my knowledge

    You might consider generating a Support Info files in both Bridge mode and DHCP mode after having good and failed connections, and send them to @UI-AmpliFi (email: referencing this thread to see if they can find anything

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