AmpliFi Alien EU router now available!

  • @John-Smith-2 There are plans to release with different plug types, but as of right now it is just the EU plug. The power converter is built into the Alien, not the power supply like the HD product line. So any physical adapter should work with the Alien since no power conversion is necessary within the adapter.

  • Also got mine today. A bit disappointed about the lack of UK plug as I can't remember seeing that in the beta terms.
    Not a massive deal but I do hope UI release UK versions as I do like the slimness of the official cable and I hate bulky travel adaptors. Will have to see if I can find a similar replacement on Amazon.

    Anyway, please to finally get my hands on one of these as I've been waiting a long time and although early days initial impressions are very good!

    My iPhone is showing 958 down and 942 up on WIFI 6 but the best things are that 5 of my 7 Nest cams are working with just 1 Alien unit whereas I normally run 5 HD units to achieve this and reach the outdoor cams. So hopefully one more Alien and all should be fine.

    Time will tell but day one has gone well so far. Fingers crossed.

  • @UI-AmpliFi thanks for the details!

  • Anyone in Germany already received their Alien? Waiting so long for this one...regarding the power plug - is this the normal 2 pin type that is quite common here in Germany?

  • The Alien's PSU is built in, so externally you only need a cord to connect it to an outlet

    The plug end on the Alien side is a standard non-polarized IEC 320 C7

    Note that there isn't a lot of pocket space for the strain reliefs, or for both the power cable and the WAN Ethernet cable to run through the notch underneath the housing, so flexibility and thinness help a lot if you don't use the cables supplied by AmpliFi
    alt text

  • Ok so some first impressions. I love the screen, very cool. Wasn’t fool proof to setup up as I have PPPOE but once I worked out to use the web browser to set that up instead of the app I was connected. Feedback would be to include that in the app.
    Everything has connected to it fine including all my Sky Q boxes, with the wireless settings in auto. I have also enabled beta firmware and it downloaded an update.
    I have a smart plug that wouldn’t connect to it where it was due to range but it worked fine in the Dream Machine, but the TV above it gets a better signal on the Alien.. it has covered my house though so that’s good.

    Also I’m guessing the PS4 Pro will only connect on 2.4GHZ in the Alien? Is that right?

  • Hi @Mark-Richards - thanks for the feedback and glad to hear the Sky Q boxes are working

    Can you advise what version the beta firmware is?

    The PS4 Pro has been problematic with Alien since the initial launch and I don't recall seeing a definitive solution

    You can try setting up an Additional SSID (2.5 or 5 GHz) or enabling the WiFi-5 radio with a unique SSID and seeing if the PS4 Pro can reliably connect using the latest beta firmware that you have

  • @Derek-Saville It says it’s on version 3.4.1, it installed an update as soon as it was connected to the internet. I’ll see how my PS4 goes as is, I plan to get a PS5 around the end of the year and it has WiFi 6 and I’m hoping it’ll connect to the Alien using WiFi 6.

  • i'll receive mine on monday, good thing to know about the PS4 Pro's wifi problem so i need to test that good with the Wifi 6 settings.. if it really doesn't work like it should..... then i'm switching on the Wifi 5 radio 🙂

  • Any news on when it will be back in stock? 🙂

  • @Raghu-Kannan just got the shipping notification,should get it tomorrow.

  • @UI-AmpliFi is there any way I can restore my AFI-HD settings in the alien (device names, night time etc)?

  • @Raghu-Kannan You can download a backup file from the web UI in the HD, I have not tested to see if you can us that backup on the Alien but I will test this.

  • @Tobias-Malmberg No update on inventory as of yet, but enrolling in email notifications from the store will be the quickest and most effective means of getting an update for the Alien this time around.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Already done. Everytime i ge a notification from this thread i think it's back in stock 😂

  • @UI-AmpliFi thanks. I currently have to set it up as an AP, so will try restoring the backup and report.

  • @Raghu-Kannan Set-up and managed to restore some setttings from the AFI-HD (the device icons, etc). 1 bug I found - the alien was still set up as a US device, had to change via the app.
    For some reason, my iPhone (XR) only seems to want to connect via 2.4 and not via 5 Ghz - will follow up on this, might just be the device.

    For some reason , mobile devices (and laptops - all 2x2) connected to the 5Ghz wifi 5 seem to have faster speedtests than devices connected to the 5Ghz wifi 6 - ~650-700 up and 600 down vs 450 up and 500 down on wifi 6.

  • hmm, another weird bug i guess.. on my iPhone (11 Pro) it connects to Wifi 6 and the speed is amazing 🙂 but...... when i use the app to check the settings or device i mostly get a "connection expired" notification coming down the screen and throws me back to the main screen with the amplifi Alien.... this is something i didn't have with my amplifi HD setup 🤔

  • @dexx64 the iPhone xr now connects to 5Ghz, so that's settled at least.

  • Has anyone found a way to activate the additional wifi 5 only radio? It exists on the US model but since receiving my EU model here in France, that option is now gone. It was the only way to have a PS4 Pro connect to an alien.


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