Alien Mesh Stuck Updating

  • I have two Alien's, one is setup downstairs as the router (connected to the modem) the second one is upstairs setup as a mesh. Yesterday I updated them to firmware 3.4.1. I used the update button on the App through the phone. The main Alien downstairs updated no problem but the mesh Alien has been stuck in a constant state of updating. The LCD screen just reads "updating" and "not to unplug from power". The LED light ring is flashing on and off as well. It's been like that for over 24 hours.

    Anyone have this problem before that can help me get it back online?

    In the future should I update the Main Alien Router first, then the Mesh Alien using their touch screen instead of the App?

    Thanks in advance!


  • @Weeelow If it has been this long try to power cycle it. If that fails reset the device, you should technically update the MeshPoint first then the router. Or allow the app to push the update.

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