Alien Enable Latency Optimization

  • Would the Enable Latency Optimization setting on the Alien help with Smart Home devices being more responsive when my NAS is offsite backup up and taking all the upload bandwidth?

    My ISP says I have 15Mbps up, when my NAS uploads offsite my current Amplifi HD says it's using 17Mbps, so a bit more than my ISP says I should have.
    It feels like my Smart Home devices responsiveness slows down when this is happening.

    So wondering if the Alien Enable Latency Optimization setting will help me.


  • @LainB It may or may not, this feature limits devices at 100Mbps so they do not cause latency spikes. However if I understand this right all the smart home devices are likely all controlled from the LAN interface, if this is the case I doubt you would see a difference in reaction times.

  • Ah okay, thank you. Smart Home devices are both wired (hubs) and wireless (switches and lights) talking to eachother.
    So all that feature does is create a hard limit of 100Mbps.

    My up speed is only 15-17Mbps (down is 150Mbps, but I never hit the limit on it), so limiting my devices at 100Mbps wouldn't do anything for my upload.

    I need a router that will put my wired NAS at the lowest priority so if any Wireless OR Wired Smart Home devices need bandwidth they can have it.

    Is there any plans for the Alien to allow us to set priorities for wired devices?

    I know we can do that for wireless and I have put my wireless Smart Home stuff on top (gaming) priority (on my Amplifi HD), but since wired is always top priority when my NAS saturates my upload the wireless smart home devices are still 2nd tire priority.

    That's like the only thing I needs is the ability to prioritize ever device, wireless and wired, not just wireless.

    I know it's been a feature request for years for the Amplifi HD, any chance it will come to the Alien?
    Or is it not even being considered? (maybe for technical reasons can't be done).


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