Add another wifi system to Amplifi

  • Hi Guys,

    I recently brought Amplifi Alien and set it up. I previously had google mesh wifi system and I wanted to keep that also alive as I have some of the devices already connected to them and didn't want to reconfigure all the devices. I have my computer and phones connected to Amplify so I want to keep others on the old network. All the devices on both networks are able to connect to internet properly but devices on one router can't see other router devices.

    Here is my setup
    Alien is connected to VerizonFIOS router vis ethernet. The DHCP from Alien is serving 192.168.106.x network. Second WiFi router is connected to Alien with static address of and it is serving 192.168.87.x network.

    How can I setup a network route in Alien so the devices that are connected to 192.168.106 network can see 192.168.87 network. Appreciate any guidance on this one,

    Thank you

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  • Amplifi is providing dhcp for 192.168.106 and Old wifi router is providing 192.168.87

  • @Bhaskar-Edara This is what the feature Bridge Mode will fix. It combines the networks, leaving the SSID broadcasts unique for each router (AmpliFi and Google) but whichever router is first and line, and in primary position will be doing all of the IP assigning and firewall. If you choose to place AmpliFi into bridge mode, here is the support article on that procedure: Enabling Bridge Mode

  • @UI-AmpliFi Does this mean I have to connect AmpliFi to Google and Google to Verizon Router and set AmpliFi in bridge mode?

  • @Bhaskar-Edara The order you would need to follow depends on which router you would be bridging.

    Modem > Primary Router > (optional switch if needed) > Bridged router

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you. I was hesitant to make Google primary router as I wanted AmpliFy to be my primary router but given that I am preserving the IP addresses from Google router, I would need to make that primary. Thanks for your advice.

  • @Bhaskar-Edara You can make AmpliFi the primary and bridge the google mesh. Then you can change the DHCP server settings within AmpliFi to match the IP address scheme your devices already have by following this support article: DHCP Server

    Most devices will just be assigned a new IP address unless they have been statically assigned an address.

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