QoS Priority settings for wired devices

  • QoS priority settings for wired devices has been a feature request since the Amplifi HD was released (just like we can do on wireless devices right now).

    I need to upgrade my 3 Amplifi HD network (which has been great so far) to WiFi 6 but need QoS on wired devices to so things like WiFi Smart Home devices can have priority over low priority things like wired NASs

    Any chance this will ever come to the Alien?

    I'd really love to go with 3 Aliens for the upgrade but need QoS on all devices.


  • Totally agree,

    Ubiquiti need to understand that, as much as 100% Wireless sounds Utopic, it is not reality. There will always be a number of Wired devices on networks.

    Would appreciate if Ubiquiti treated wired devices as 1st class citizens on a network, not just with QoS, also with device management, usage / bandwidth reporting in the devices menu and on the router displays themselves.

    So much potential here.....

  • @Stephen-Foster-0
    You’re right so much potential here. Doesn’t need anything super advanced either as I know they are trying to keep it simple plug and play, just what they are already doing for the wireless, do for the wired.
    Could solve a lot of issues as not everyone has 1gb up/down connections.
    Asus and Netgear already give qos on all devices (I’m sure there’s others too, I was looking at them though).
    I really hope Amplifi is seriously considering doing this, hopefully they chime in here and at least let us know if it’s under consideration or if maybe there’s some sort of a hardware limitation that won’t allow them to do it.

  • @LainB This is the only thing i want on my alien router
    The most important thing for me
    As a gamer i only use wired connections
    I need QoS .. please amplifi team add this !

  • @Kayan-US Wired connections are set at highest priority level already.

  • @UI-AmpliFi This is fantastic!
    THANK YOU 😍👍🏻❤

  • @UI-AmpliFi "Wired connections are set at highest priority level already." Hmmmm. Well that might be fine if you only have a couple of Wired Devices however in my case I have a significant number (around 20) devices attached via wire through Switches. These are everything from NAS to TV's, Amplifiers etc that stream and update over ethernet (not wifi) + Gaming PC's etc.

    I would have thought QoS is based on the type of Packet not purely the type of device?

  • @Stephen-Foster-0 QoS is just to make sure no one takes the whole internet speed.

    It will be nice if i can also prioritize some devices over the others.

    QoS for now will be a fantastic thing.

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