Amplifi Alien Fios ONT Setup

  • Hi,
    I just received my Alien router and all the setup documentation has one turning off their modem then starting up the router and then turning the modem back on. With Fios (no TV) I'm not using any modem but rather just connecting ethernet directly to the router from the Fios ONT.
    My question: Since the Fios ethernet is always active, do I plug in the ethernet cable before I start the Alien for the first time of after the Alien initially boots up and asks you to reboot your cable modem?


  • @Craig-Fabian I would connect the ethernet cable, then power up the AmpliFi Alien. Some customers report that if they do not follow the boot up order provided in the start up documentation, that they receive an error "No IPv4 Address". If you do, then you will need to contact your ISP and request that they "Reset" your network, like a power cycle of your modem.

    Most of the time, you will not receive this error but with some ISP's it can happen. You also may need to contact them to provide your new routers MAC ID if they require that.

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    Thank you for the assistance!

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