Alien slower than ISP-provided router?

  • I'm exclusively talking wired speeds, although I'm "disappointed" with wireless on my iPhone (wifi 6) too. I just installed the Alien today. I have 1000 up/down fiber internet through Metronet. Doing the speed test directly from router is consistently 650/650ish. I know that's not bad by any means, but was expecting more like 950/950 like many others have.

    With my cheap router from the ISP I recall doing a speedtest with my laptop to router and got around 800/800ish hardwired. My iPhone gets around 700/700 so faster than speedtest direct from Alien. I also briefly had a TP Link router and got 850/700 on wifi with iPhone, but returned it due to range issues and bought the Alien. Any ideas what might be wrong? I haven't touched the web ui settings, but should I? Thanks!

  • @kwayne is your ISP router placed into bridge mode, or is the AmpliFi Alien placed in Bridge Mode to prevent a double NAT?
    Is the Alien connected directly to the ISP router or is it connected via a switch?

    You should be getting near identical speeds if not exact speeds provided that the speed is coming through the modem.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks for the response. I can confirm the Alien is NOT in bridge mode. However, I am not using another router (although I still have the one from my ISP). All I have setup is the Alien directly connected to the ONT/modem via the provided cat6 cable. Is this not recommended?

  • @kwayne Directly connected to the ONT is recommended. Some ISP's will require you to update the MAC ID on their end when a new router is being used. Have you contacted them to verify if needed? You can gather support information from the Alien and we can have our development team review to see if there is any issues we can see on our end.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks! I have forwarded my support information just now via email.

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