Amplifi HD "only supports up to 700Mb/s via PPoE" according to Ubiquti support chat... Is this why I can't get full speed?

  • So my Amplifi HD can only get me 600ish down and 350 up on my Gb internet - fibre PPoE.

    As soon as I plug my old Fritzbox 7490 back in (rest of network exactly the same) I get 900/400 all day every day.

    I raised with support chat and they told me that it would max out at 700 via PPoE and I should use my router in bridge mode.

    Whilst I am now doing this (and getting full speed) I am disappointed that Ubiquiti market the device as fully supporting Gb without any caveats on link type. The support agent I spoke with couldn't provide me with any documentation or supporting evidence to back up the assertion that I wouldn't get better speeds with my setup either.

    I bought the device to replace my old router, not add to the pile of devices and blinking lights on my hall table...

    • Can anyone confirm the above as the truth?

    • If not, can anyone help me get proper speeds from the thing?


  • Just to add to the annoyance it seems that the AmpliFi will not negotiate Gb LAN link to my Fritzbox either - stuck on 100Mb unlike every other device I own.

    So now I can actually get Gb internet for my wired gear, all my Wireless devices are actually slower than they were before as they are bottlenecked by the 100mb into the Fritzbox

    WTF is going on with this thing?

  • I seem to remember there was a weird thing where you had to enable Power Mode in the menus somewhere on Fritzboxen to get gigabit speeds.

  • @Stephen-M-Baines

    Thanks - I ended up (against my better judgement) doubling down with Ubiquiti and getting the EdgeRouterX on sale.

    Fortunately it all seemed to work out fine and now I have a fully functional Gigabit network and WiFi Mesh all working at the right speeds.

    Still annoyed that the AmpliFi HD doesn’t actually perform as advertised but actually quite glad I picked up the ERX as it is a very fully featured little unit.

  • @Iain-Wheeley I am not certain that 700 is the max, PPPoe can certainly cause a degraded performance for some users but it is hard to say that 700 will be the limit in some cases it has been higher. Do you have any of the settings turned on in the advanced section of the web UI?

  • @UI-AmpliFi I’m in a similar situation to OP. I’ve my Amplifi HD connected directly to ONT and managing internet via PPPoE. I consistently get 600-700 MB down wired from the router but ISP router will get 900+. I have Hardware NAT enabled and not sure what else I can do to get Gigabit speed wired from the router? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Has anyone found a solution for this, just got BT Fibre 900 installed yesterday and as previous posts have pointed out, I'm getting just over 600 Mb on PPOE from the ont box to the amplifi HD. Is the only solution to put the Bt Hub back in and put Amplifi into bridge mode?

  • @Iain-Wheeley What wireless speeds are you getting from the HD?

  • @boystupidboy That certainly does help.

  • @boystupidboy in terms of connection or throughput?

    For the Gb internet, as I said above I just gave up abs bought a mini Edge Router which works perfectly.

    Frustrating that the HD doesn’t perform as advertised but I am not going going to lose any sleep over it. Just means my next mesh purchase won’t be Ubiquiti!

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