Wireguard Support

  • I love the teleport feature of the Amplifi lineup and try to use it wherever I can. However, in practice it often fails to connect even on mildly locked down public networks. When it does connect it often takes ages to do so.

    It would be great if Amplifi could support the Wireguard vpn protocol offering quicker connectivity and ease of use. Additionally it would be great if the app could try a range of ports to connect from. It might already do this but as the UI is quite simple (great!) its impossible to tell.

    As a starter i'd suggest when implementing to use these ports:

    • 443
    • 53
    • 80
    • 123
    • 1194
    • 65142

  • @richard_smith Thanks for the suggestion! I will add this as a feature request.

  • Any updates?

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