Black AmpliFi HD in Europe

  • I know the black one is not available in Europe. But is is possible to order a black one from USA and use the EU spec power adapter? Or is it other differences like like wifi antenna frequencies?
    I have from before 2 EU white AmpliFi HD will it work with them in a mesh? I need 3 but really want the one in black in my living room so it blends inn with all my AV equipment.

  • @dennis-horn It should work with other standalone routers. Not sure how you would purchase a U.S. version in Europe. Maybe somebody on Ebay is selling it. But there will be customs charges. It does have different channel and transmission power settings, though. Don't know if they would let it through.

  • That surprises me! I would have thought this would be a simple region change in the firmware/app. Is that not the case?

  • @martin-olovsson I think you can only choose from 3 countries in North America for these units. Let me check if it can be changed with firmware, though.

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