VPN and Home Local Network

  • I am testing the teleport app. When i switch my iPhone to LTE, then switch on the VPN, it connect.

    I then use a ping app that can ping local IP address on my network, it work great! But my VLC app is not able to « see » my DNLA server! (hmmm)

    I also have a spa app that is no able to « see » the local device. (hmmm)

    Last test, when launching Speedtest app (Ookla), it does the test using my LTE connection. (hmm)

    So, I know the VPN work (it connect, and I can ping local devices), but how can I make sure all the traffic is using VPN?

    Note: yes the option to access local network is activated on my router for my iPhone client

  • @René-Guitar This should not be the case. Can you generate support info after running this very test and I will get our Teleport developers to look into this.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I can, but doubt it would be useful. If the apps are bypassing the VPN tunnel, I don’t think you’ve able to track any info on my router end of things.

  • @René-Guitar Was there any resolution to your issue? I am running into the same one

  • @G no. I guess the teleport app is not a real « all traffic » VPN.

  • @René-Guitar this whole thing is dangerously misleading - I have VPN icon showing in my phone status bar, but it’s not actually connected to my home network and it’s not actually going through a VPN. Makes me question if I want to rely on it even if it did appear to be working.

  • @G it is working to access your home network, but every other traffic is not going trough the VPN tunnel, as far as I know. I agree it is misleading and could be a security risk (thinking your traffic is encrypted and protected by your home équipement).

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