Are 3 Alien routers supported?

  • @Incidrthreat-Hackmethod speed will be subjective based on distance, interference and other factors. Simply closer the better within reason. That said mine are close mainly because line of site to the backyard is shielded for the wired aliens. The wireless one is getting up to 940 down and 920 up on 5Ghz. This is shared however with other 5Ghz devices though contention is not usually an issue.

  • @René-Guitar This is based on experience in supporting our day to day customers. In a general sense, the statistics given are "ideal" but every home is different. Kind of like how range and performance specs are given for a perfect environment, but no home offers a perfect environment.

    You are encouraged to test multiple locations to find the ideal placement, because quite possibly a -45 gives you the best speeds, but gives you a lack of coverage. Where as a -55 may give you near identical speeds, yet zero dead spots.

    I understand what you are saying, and it makes sense, but my recommendation is based on what ive seen, not necessarily the perfect tech specs.

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