Amplifi Instant as Access Point (Bridge Mode) w/ Ethernet Backhaul

  • Hi,

    While there are many similar answers, I can't seem to find the specific answer to this:

    My ISP provided me with a combination 4-port router/modem that can't be placed into bridge mode (i.e. I must use the ISP device as router).

    I have an Amplifi Instant Router + Meshpoint package (1 Router + 1 Meshpoint).

    Since I need to use my ISP's device as router, I will be using both Amplifi units as Access Points. In addition, I would like to use an Ethernet Backhaul.


    1. Will the mesh functionality still work in AP mode?
    2. Can BOTH Amplifi units (RAMP and Meshpoint) be connected via LAN directly to my ISP's 4-port modem/router?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @Marco-Co - you should be able to install the Instant router in Bridge mode with the WAN port connected to a LAN port on the ISP router/modem

    Then you can enable Ethernet Backhaul for the Instant Mesh Point with its Ethernet port also connected to a LAN port on the ISP router/modem

    If the ISP router/modem also provides WiFi most people disable it if possible, and only use the WiFi provided by AmpliFi

    If you cannot disable WiFi on the ISP router/modem, there are some ways to avoid interference by using a different a SSID and manual channel selection

  • Thanks @Derek-Saville. Will give this a try.

    Suppose I add another Amplifi Instant Router (i.e. separately purchased) to use as an additional mesh point, would i be able connect this directly to a LAN port on the ISP router/modem as well, and would this "mesh" with the existing set?

  • Hi @Marco-Co - yes, you should be able to add an additional standalone Instant Router as a mesh point via Ethernet backhaul through an ISP router/modem LAN port as long as you running the main Instant router in Bridge mode

  • Hi @Derek-Saville ,

    Would this setup work?

    alt text

    My main issue is that I have other devices connected to my modem/router, hence might not be able to connect all meshpoints directly to the same device.

  • Hi @Marco-Co - as long as the main AmpliFi Instant Router is in Bridge mode and the ISP modem/router's LAN ports are also on the same internally switched network, then yes

  • @Marco-Co Wouldn't bridge mode hinder performance since Ubiquiti documentation says that it generates more traffic? Perhaps there is no way to remove the ISP's modem/router in favor of your own equipment.

  • @Derek-Saville Does RAMP generate any performance penalty?

  • @Paul-Lohr My understanding is that a wired connection would almost certainly provide performance improvement over a wireless connection. Latency issues, performance penalties from the sharing of channel with the wireless backhaul, and issues with the proximity between meshpoints, would be reduced.

  • Hi @Paul-Lohr - a wireless backhaul RAMP has reduced performance for clients because AmpliFi does not use dedicated backhaul radios and the access point can only communicate with with one target at a time (either the client or the upstream access point), so throughput is cut roughly in half 'per hop'

    Wired Ethernet backhaul RAMPS should not have any performance penalties

    In my experience Bridge mode can perform better than DHCP mode if the primary 3rd party router is pretty modern and capable of meeting your routing needs

    The processing power and ram of the AmpliFi HD and especially the Instant routers, are relatively weak by modern standards, so taking away the routing requirements allows them to use more of their capability on processing wireless communication, especially as the complexities of wireless standards have grown

    So using a 3rd party router (preferably with any wireless disabled) for routing duty and an AmpliFi for meshed wireless can be a win-win in some situations and worth trying

    (note that the Alien is a very different platform, so the above assessments do not directly apply)

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