my Experience with the Alien (Beta) router.. the good and the bad (fixable bugs)

  • i received my Alien router today, my first impressions are... wow, that thing is bigger than i thougt πŸ™‚
    after setting it up (PPPoE connection is succesfull) i noticed a few bugs with my devices.

    the bugs..

    1. the amplifi app on my iphone is a bit sluggish, that something i didn't have with my amplifi HD setup.. it shows "connection expired" very often and then goes back to the main screen, it even happens when i do a speedtest (see photo) it shows "OOPS!! it looks like something went wrong.. try again later"
    2. PS4 Pro connection problem is not a thing here but i have something else... the speed is as slow as a 56K modem, yes it's on 5Ghz wifi 6
    3. UPNP doesn't work properly, my old FAT Xbox ONE failed to use it.. i had NAT type: open on the amplifi HD setup.
    4. i also don't see the extra 5ghz wifi 5 radio in the app.. like it's not even there. (see photo)

    the positive things about the Alien

    1. it's a nice router! πŸ˜‰

    1_1599588512123_alien2.png 0_1599588512121_alien.png

  • UPNP was an issue for me too. I sent support files.

  • yeah, i did the UPNP OFF/ON trick, that works great.. but, yep... it's a weird bug for sure πŸ˜‰

  • @dexx64 I just got my EU beta model and I too do not see the additional 5ghz wifi 5 option. This is a deal breaker for me as the PS4 Pro simply does not work on the WiFi 6 radio and my Sony TV has very slow speed. Did they kill the additional Wifi 5 radio from the EU version? It is there on the US version.

  • @dmers i don't know it should be in the unit but it's not enabled by software.. maybe @UI-AmpliFi can tell us more in the future πŸ˜‰

  • @UI-AmpliFi please do enlighten us on this. It was the only way to get certain systems to connect to an Alien!

  • @dmers The EU Alien does not have the additional 5Ghz WiFi-5 only option, it is full band AX support. All WiFi-5 devices should be backwards compatible with WiFi-6, so if you have a device that is failing to connect we would want to look into why that device fails to connect specifically.

  • @UI-AmpliFi so you're telling us there is no additional wifi 5 radio inside the EU model??? πŸ˜•

  • it is full band AX support

    Hi @UI-AmpliFi - by "full band" you mean it is 802.11ax on both the 5.2 GHz band and the 5.8 GHz band correct?

    Have you implemented manual channel selection on the 5.2 GHz 802.11ax band?

    Does the EU Alien still have 16 spatial streams or was it reduced to 12 spatial streams?

    Did you replace the WiFi-5 radio with an additional WiFi-6 radio?

  • @UI-AmpliFi so the amplifi alien europe version is dual band not tri band like the us version ?

  • @Ahmad-Ki Yes it is dual band as documented in the store page.

  • @Derek-Saville It supports 16 spatial streams! We removed the additional 5Ghz radio and added support for full band 5Ghz WiFi 6.

  • @UI-AmpliFi interesting πŸ™‚ i have photo's of a teardown USA Alien unit... it shows the Wifi 5 radio with 4 antennas on 1 side and on the other side there are 2x 5ghz Wifi 6 radio's? (Qualcomm QCN5054) both with 4 antennas and 1x 2.4ghz radio (Qualcomm GCN5024) and there are no wires coming from that radio, guess it's combined with 1 of the 5ghz radio's

  • It supports 16 spatial streams!

    Hi @UI-AmpliFi - thank you for the feedback...still using a 12 polarity antenna?

    How many 5 GHz 802.11ax streams are available to clients simultaneously?

    I thought 802.11ax was limited to 8 spatial streams

    Are you now dedicating a radio to backhaul?

  • @Derek-Saville It is a 12 polarity antenna! 16 spatial stream are supported by the EU version.

  • @UI-AmpliFi you still didn’t answer Derek’s questions.

  • Hi @Richard1864 - have to assume AmpliFi are being intentionally coy on the subject

    It would make sense (cost wise) to eliminate the removable WiFi-5 module if AmpliFi believes the compatibility issues (i.e. PS4 Pro) can be resolved

    There was enough room above the dual aggregated QCN5054 radios to add another 4 antenna ports to replace the ones on the WiFi-5 module if they decided to go that route

    Assuming they wanted to do minimal changes to the main PCB layout's 3-chip radio configuration then the question is how are they implementing the 16 total streams?

    The implication would be they implemented the Networking Pro 1610 platform, which would also imply the potential for Wi-Fi 6E, but that of course is wild speculation

    But good on AmpliFi if they did do it right...

  • @UI-AmpliFi I can fully accept the removal of the WiFi 5 radio from the EU version, but unfortunately the PS4 Pro problem still exists in the EU version just like it did on the US version. The fix was easy, use the WiFi 5 radio and the PS4 Pro worked perfectly.

    Can you offer a solution to us EU owners? It will barely keep a connection and when it does speed is in the kbps. I am sure this won't help at all but before moving to the Alien I was using the NetGear Orbi Wifi 6 mesh system. Day 1 PS4 Pro showed the same issues as I have with the Alien, but netgear has a fix on their site which was to change the CTS/RTS Threshold value to 2347. Once I did that it worked perfectly on a WiFi 6 system.

    Again, the loss of the radio would not bother me if this was not an issue. Can you offer any advice?


  • @dmers i still think there will be a update for this problem in the future... but when, i don't know πŸ˜‰

  • ...netgear has a fix on their site which was to change the CTS/RTS Threshold value to 2347

    Hi @UI-Karlis & @UI-AmpliFi - any chance you could add the above CTR/RTS Threshold setting of 2347 to the Beta Web UI so users of the PS4 Pro could check if it solves the WiFi-6 connectivity issues on the Alien?

    Even if it is just a simple check box to enable a dedicated PS4 Pro setting of 2347 to see what happens, and unchecking the box sets it back to whatever your default is would be nice to try out

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