Separate MESH SSID's

  • Can someone help me understand the pros/cons of being more (vs less) specific in configuring my system.

    I have a Comcast xFi Modem/Router (brand new) but parts of my house have sketchy wifi coverage. Bought the Amplifi HD and plugged it into the xFI and turned on Bridge Mode. I have two mesh points - one upstairs and one in the basement of the three floor house. The xFi/Amplifi are on the first floor.

    I'm in the country, so no wireless interference anywhere.

    Why (or why not) would I turn on SSID's for each area of the house rather than letting it all "work out?"

    Truthfully, I'm confused because there are SO MANY configurations available.


  • @Doug-Hacker Leaving the SSID's "as is" by default is recommended. The system will automatically switch devices between MeshPoints and bands when needed and preferred for performance. There are some scenarios and devices that will require specific connection points or bands and for those reasons we have designed AmpliFi to have all of the options to accommodate these scenarios.

    One example would be smart home devices like doorbell cameras. Some may require a 2.4Ghz only connection and will not connect to a dual band network. In addition to that, they may seek a connection to the primary router, where a MeshPoint placed near the device is a more optimal connection point so creating that additional SSID on that specific MeshPoint is the solution.

  • Thanks, one more question . . .

    My router/modem has it's own network, lets call it "MyHomeNetwork". When I plug in the AmplifiHD is the recommendation to create "another" network "MyHomeNetwork Mesh" or to add the Amplifi devices to the network that already exists?

  • @Doug-Hacker If the AmpliFi wireless blankets your entire home and you are not in need of the router/modem network, I would disable the wireless from your modem/router combo.

    Reason for this is the devices will roam freely between all mesh locations, but if your modem/router broadcasts the same name, device will not seamlessly transition from point to point (they will, it will just not be as smooth). If you create a different SSID using AmpliFi, then the devices would need to reauthenticate every time they switched between your modem/router and AmpliFi. Unless the device only knows one of the networks, then it would never attempt to switch between the two different SSID's (but then there would be no point in having two different broadcasts if one is not being used. It just creates more possible interference.)

    Alongside disabling the wireless broadcast, you will also want to enable bridge mode on either your modem/router combo or on AmpliFi. I suggest bridging your modem/router so you can benefit and use the AmpliFi features, but some do not have this option. Just in case you need to bridge AmpliFi, here is the support article on Bridge Mode.

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