Wifi unbearably slow, Why?

  • I upgraded to 1gig service 2 weeks ago, So i could take advantage of the Alien. Wired to the router i get 940mbps-ish.
    the wifi has gotten progressively worse as days go by. Laptop is around 50mbps, Ipad gets a laughable 5mbps. Why did i spend almost 400$ for this router to look cool and perform like a Wireless a/b/g router. I ready to launch this thing into the sun, any help would be appreciated.

  • @Vildhjarta I hear yae, same thing going on with me. Make sure all your firmware is updated, that is what I was told, but I still have crap. My AC5300 was better than this

  • @Vildhjarta The best route to find out why our specific devices are not getting the appropriate speeds would be to generate support files and get in touch with our support chat to send the files over and get them examined.

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