Amplifi Instant Capping 5ghz Wifi Speed at 120Mbps

  • I have a brand new Amplifi Instant and a USW Flex Mini to expand Ethernet port capability. Currently my Internet Speed via ethernet is around 240Mbps which is correct. But via WiFi is capping to 120-150Mbps.

    Please Help!!


  • @Adriel-Hernandez How may wireless devices do you currently have connected to the AmpliFi Instant? The AmpliFi Instant being our entry level model, does have a 2x2 antenna which can result in slower WiFi with multiple devices are using bandwidth.

  • Currently I have 10 to 12 wifi devices. Actually in the last hours I have been doing some testing and changes to the configuration.

    I have separate the SSIDs (2g & 5g), what I understand that could be moved to 2g I have manually reconnect those devices to 2g wifi. Doing this somehow have help with the internet speed on the 5g devices. I also notice that If I remote the prioritization on my phone (OnePlus7pro) I lose the 230Mbps speed.... I need to prioritize each device that I want to have full speed connection?

    Other thing, how many wifi device this router can handle?


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