AmpliFi Alien memory usage shooting to 100% and then restarting!

  • Hi, I've had my Alien for only about a month and I'm already seeing major issues. There are currently only 14 devices connected and memory usage is at 48% (it usually stays like that). However, the past few days, it will randomly shoot to 99% and then the internet will completely cut out and the device will restart itself. This happens about twice day, so it's extremely unusable. Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

  • I’m experiencing the same memory consumption issue on my Alien router (no mesh points) running 3.4.0. Mine is steady around 93–94%. Internet still working fine but the local web interface and AmpliFi mobile app resets and/or refuses connection. Less than 15 devices connected, 3 of them wired. 55 days uptime. Anyone know what’s going on?

  • @andygrossman
    I've been running 3.4.0 for a month or so now... I haven't exhibited this issue once.

    It's possible either or both of you have defective units and may need to be RMA'd. BUT: Before you go through that trouble, I would try to factory reset your units and reconfigure them, and see what happens from there.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks @Anthony_014, an update & good news:

    After a couple days with memory usage pegged at 94%, it shot up to 99-100% and the CPU (which is normally idle) pegged at 97-99% too. I let it run like that for a few hours to see if it’d come back down on its own but both only varied by a few points. Impressive cooling, by the way – it never got above 138 deg F!

    Anyway, I unplugged the router and rebooted to see if that might quit whatever process was hung up. Sure enough, it’s been running over 7 days now, all systems normal. Idle CPU, and memory usage steady at 47%. Still on 3.4.0. Seems the reboot is all it needed. I’ll update here if it happens again.


  • @andygrossman
    Good deal! Glad to hear that it's fixed for you!


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