Amplifi Instant DHCP Option 61

  • Does anyone know if the Amplifi Instant supports DHCP option 61? I know it's supported on the Amplifi HD, but wondered if it's also supported on the instant.
    I see there's been another thread asking the same question, but in the end, the OP there used the Sky router, so the DHCP option 61 stuff would have been done there, rather than on the Amplifi kit.

    Ultimately I'm looking at using a Draytek Vigor 130 modem along with the Amplifi Instant to replace the current Sky router, but don't want to get into double NAT problems, and would like the Sky router completely out of the equation if possible. I know the Instants can be run in bridge mode, so they'd just work as a wireless mesh system plugged into the original Sky router, but I'd really like to be able to bin the Sky device, hence the asking about Option 61 support.

    If anyone knows the answer, it'd be much appreciated.

  • Ah, I might have found the answer here, further down the same thread I was reading:

    "Functionality wise, the AmpliFi Instant will have the same features as the AmpliFi HD"

    Still, if anyone can confirm, that'd be great.

  • @markgilbert Yes, I can confirm that the AmpliFi Instant has the setting for DCHP Alien ID in the WebUI, which is the setting needed referenced in the older threads.

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