Amplifi HD wifi not getting full gigabit speed

  • I've checked this, this, and this.

    I've enabled hardware NAT (and IPv6 to boot), and yet I don't get the full gigabit speed. My configuration:

    • Comcast (Xfinity) gigabit: speed verified by direct ether connection from the cable modem
    • Netgear CM1000
    • Amplifi HD mesh with firmware 3.4.2
    • Hardware NAT enabled
    • IPv6 enabled

    When I use a wired connection from the Amplifi router, I get the full gigabit speed. But from wifi, I'm getting only 250 - 300 mbps in the same room. Is this just fact of life, or is there something wrong with the my unit? Any pointers on how to achieve the full gigabit speed? That was one of the reasons I bought Amplifi HD, and if I cannot get that, I have little reason to hold onto it.

  • That sounds about right.

    I get 800-900 via cable and around 360-400 via Wi-Fi.I think this is what the HD can do.

    Also think about the wireless capabilities of your clients.

  • I was testing it from multiple devices (PC, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and got consistent results. I also tested it in a clean network (no other devices joining the network). And I had a Google Nest wifi in the same setup, and it had no trouble producing 500+ mbps, so it is definitely a disappointment...

  • @Sangjin-Lee The AmpliFi HD is an 802.11AC device, if you want to get 1Gbps over WiFi you need a WiFi6 device like the AmpliFi Alien.

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