Additional SSID Question

  • If I make and Additional SSID for the main router and the meshpoint and name them the same thing (and they have the same password), can I get a mesh of just 5GHz in addition to the main mesh network name that automatically switches between 2.4 and 5.0 GHz?

  • OK it will switch between main router and access point with the same additional SSID name on both for 5GHz. However, like the normal login, the main router will grab the device almost as soon as walking into the room, while the access point will not. You have to do a couple web pages etc for the system to switch over to the access point even when right next to it. Takes a minute or more, while the main router grabs it right away on it's own. Any reason for that? Any way to fix that?

  • @markmarchie91 Router steering will direct devices primarily to the router over the MeshPoints unless needed. In your environment, you might want to test connections and performance with router steering turned off. Configuring Band and Router Steering

  • Thank you. Router steering is turned off. Band steering is on. The mesh point will pull the device to connect to it after a few minutes, or if I do some surfing etc to get it's attention. The router pulls the device to it's connection within 10 seconds of being near it, with no prompting from the device surfing etc.

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