Easy Smart Managed Switch for QoS on wired devices for the Amplifi HD

  • For anyone looking for QoS on wired devices for the Amplifi HD I found a good option that worked for me.

    I'm sure there's more advanced ways of doing it but I was looking for something simple.
    I found the TP-Link Easy Smart Managed Switch 24 Port, TL-SG1024DE (there's a 16 port also).
    It does per port priority with 4 priority levels. Highest, Normal, Medium, Low

    I connected the Amplifi to port 1 and set it on Highest priority.
    Smart home hubs to Highest priority also.
    Streaming devices and gaming systems (Fire TV, PS4, Switch) on Normal.
    Computers on Medium.
    NAS on Low

    I have cable internet 150/15 (get about 220/17 when I test)
    Before when the computer would upload work to a cloud it would us the full 17Mbps and my sons Fortnite ping would go from the 30-40ms to 150-200ms.
    Once I added in the switch when computer uploads the his pings stay in the 40ms range.

    It was also able to help with my bufferbloat rating.
    My down and up bufferbloat would hit 650ms, D rating. I played around the Ingress and Egress rates on port 1 (the one going to the Amplifi), until I was able to get about 200 down/15 up on the desktop and my bufferbloat rating went to B, download was around 3ms and upload was around 150ms.

    He still gets ping spikes if the computer is uploading AND the WiFi Ring Cams upload at the same time which makes sense.

    I needed a new switch anyways and on sale it was about the same price as an unmanaged switch and gives me some QoS and bandwidth control.
    So far from the couple days I've had it it's been working well with the Amplifi HD.

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