Severe, recurring latency spikes after days of uptime

  • I've seen frequent, recurring latency spikes while gaming and confirm it with a basic "ping" test -- every so often, ping will go from 74ms to >300ms and gameplay is noticeably delayed/sudden lag.

    Every time this happens, rebooting my Amplifi resolves the issue for the rest of the night.

    How can I debug this? It's been happening for months now and no recent versions or beta versions have solved it. I'm on 3.4.2 now.

  • @Stuart-Olivera Our suggestion would be to generate support files when you experience this issue and can identify it with the ping test, but before you power cycle the router. Our development staff can review and see if we can identify what may be causing this.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I sent in logs using the beta diagnostics screen last night during the time I was able to reproduce the issue. Are you able to see those?

  • @Stuart-Olivera If you emailed or sent logs via the app, you should have received a support ticket number and that is how we review and reply to your specific issue. Once one of the developers has reviewed, you will receive an email and we can also update this thread with any resolution as well. Did you get a ticket number by chance?

  • @UI-AmpliFi I did not get a ticket number. Is there something I need to do before sending these logs via the Beta utility?

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