SSH access

  • Please give us SSH access or some interface for advanced users.
    I just want to add a static route and can't do it.
    I'll write a SSH script that logs in and sets everything I want every time it reboots if I need to; please give us a way to use this router.

  • @Shannon-Barber This is reserved for developers use only, I will add this as a suggestion however.

  • @UI-AmpliFi : I understand that SSH access increases system and security risks, but for a top of the class consumer router, either there must be a rich set of advanced-user networking app-based features or at least an SSH interface to compensate for lack of app-based features.

    IMHO, a lan-sandboxed, OS-level user with lower privileges than dev or system-level-user, must be fairly easy to provide. From a solution perspective, a simplified breakdown of the steps would be:

    1. Create a ssh-user-group
    2. Configure this ssh-user-group to have only specific privileges
    3. Create a standard user (say ssh-user with a default password) who belongs to this ssh-user-group
      a) Do not grant ssh rights for this user group yet.
    4. When SSH is enabled on the app
      a) Open port 22 for LAN access
      b) Grant ssh rights to the ssh-user-group
      c) Note: Do the reverse when disabled
    5. When the user SSHs to the router, force the user to change password


  • My point is that, the Amplifi Alien, though marketed and sold as a consumer router, at this price point and sophistication, the Alien must have a significant sub segment of customers who are advanced networking users. The other lower-end consumer routers might have a bigger share of the “use” as-is customers.

    By not providing commodity advanced features for routers, like SSH, Alien will not attract the advanced-networking-users segment of the market.

    For instance, I have range issues with just the one Alien router I have and desperately wish to get at least another Alien router. But given the lack of advanced configurability like SSH, am seriously considering whether I should stay with Amplifi ecosystem or not.

  • @raGUL-kumar Why not just get a cheapo router that can do all the fancy routing stuff to your heart's content and just use the AmpliFi in bridge mode for its amazing radio range and mesh capabilities?

  • @Ali-Hadi that is certainly a workaround, but then will lose a bunch of features that are also important like Family Profiles, QoS, etc are not available in Bridge Mode.

  • @raGUL-kumar Not if your main router will have all of these features that you desire. I could not live without VPN support, WAN Failover and ad blocker and so I opted for GL-iNet-GL-MV1000. I know others have used ER-X EdgeRouter which is cheaper but these are just examples of what you can use.

  • @Ali-Hadi An Edge router X can be obtained for very cheap and would be able to everything mentioned.

  • @UI-AmpliFi so you are suggesting power users to procure a cheap router that Alien, an expensive router, cannot provide?

  • @raGUL-kumar The price has certainly nothing to do with what features are available in any particular device. As you have yourself rightly suggested, the AmpliFi line is not geared towards power users and no one device can satisfy every single user. There is absolutely nothing wrong with combining hardware if this is what is needed to achieve your goal.

  • @raGUL-kumar this is fantastic logic. I am the best, but I cannot do commodity stuff. How is this any different from: “My soap is the best and expensive; but use a cheap soap to clean first. Then, my soap, cleans up after.”? I and the rest of the power users will have only limited patience before we ditch you because of your closed-attitude, inability to listen and change. Would you ignore the power users market, even if it were simple to implement a feature to satisfy them? I am not trying to prove you wrong or score a brownie point; I am your customer, suggesting that this feature will make your product better. And here you are, telling me, that I should use another product for features that are commodity, instead of listening.

    You ask for suggestions, and then tell me, “oh these features you can get from cheap competitors”.

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